Aaron Ramsey (8)


His assist to Laca was good tbf to him. But otherwise, don’t think he helps the balance of the team playing where he does.


Yeah - that was a decent assist, but mainly that was just an awesome, unexpected finish.


At this point, this is where I have landed as well. I’d take 15 million for him in Jan and use that to augment transfer funds in Jan or next summer.


According to John Cross there isn’t a contract offer on the table anymore for Ramsey.


He’s full of shit but if in the unlikely event he’s not bullshitting, then the club are doing the right thing.


I still like him and think he will be good for wherever he goes but good decision.

Fuck giving him £250k a week. Or even a raise. He has done nothing at all this season to justify that.

And with this, the British Core dies. At least true academy looks to be churning out some good talents recently.

Seen on twitter, January swap deal for Pogba, let’s get it done lads :arteta:


Not buying that 50m bollocks. Wasn’t even a remote sniff of it in the summer.


Swap him for Henderson. Atleast he doesnt LAUGH when he misses a sitter.




Sure West Ham will be happy to sign him


Seems to me like he already has one foot out of the door.


Think we should all thank our lord and Saviour VINAI for not falling for this nonsense.

‘Thai lakh pound?! Haftai liye? Bahar nickel pehnchode!’

*shoes promptly thrown at Ramsey and his agent

@Sol @MO_OA49

(= £250k a week, GTFO in english)


Tatty bye Aaron.

Big fish in little pond for you. Top six won’t pay it or close so Everton, Wolves or China.


Should just sell him in january like Sanchez.


For all the frustrations with Rambo and I agree he’s not worth the money he’s after, but I will never forget the fact he scored 2 decisive winning goals in cup finals.


Hope he goes abroad


Probably because Henderson has fucked up way before he even gets into a position to miss a sitter

I’d rather have Eric Djemba-Djemba in midfield than Henderson.


Your too funny yaar :rofl:


Done nothing since that FA Cup final winner. Take 50M and run


Lol we’re not getting £50m for this guy, especially when he’s almost out of contract.

I don’t believe this story anyway. What do we have to gain by withdrawing a contract offer altogether? Sounds like his agent might be playing a few games…