Aaron Ramsey (8)


I’m getting increasingly concerned about Ramsey, if he doesn’t sign an extension soon we may be best of selling. I’m not sure if he’s planning to leave or just trying to bleed every cent he can out of the club and signing in Jan eg Ozil.


You mean United? With him we lost to Chelsea and drawed against Spurs and Liverpool. Without him we also beat Manchester City 2-1.


This is what will happen. Saw Ozil do it first hand why not me? He probably rates himself close to Ozil in terms impact in the 11 and will demand parity in wages.

Doubt he gets sold tbh


It was night and day


Absolute nonsense. Cazorla played in 16/17 and Arsenal with Cazorla averaged something like 2.6 points a game and something like 1.6 per game without him. I’ve done the maths before and it might not be as wide as that but it is fecking wide.

To say we didn’t fall apart without Cazorla is to not have watched Arsenal in the last 2 years


An eight game stretch is way to small of sample size. Regression to the mean you are not familiair with btw?




It’s my decision,’ he insists. 'Whatever I decide to do, that’s on me. Do I feel under pressure? No. The only thing that makes it awkward is you keep asking the questions. It’s like having a baby in the car saying ‘Are we there yet, are we there yet?’

Sell sell sell sell ! Its not like we cant find better players in his position. Use the funds for this bland robotic to fund a pacy tricky winger which would complete our squad.


We were on a 90 point plus target with Santi playing, which no we wouldn’t have maintained. We then regressed massively for the following 20 months. It’s the one key change. The midfield has had a massive hole since we’ve tried to use Xhaka/Ramsey/Elneny instead. On top of that Santi’s passing stats were one of the best in Europe. To argue we’re anywhere close to the same team without him is complete nonsense.


As a player he is decent but not irreplaceable.
As a person, no one rates him higher than he does himself.

I can’t stand players like Ramsey, and Walcott before him, who tease the supporters with the will I, won’t I sign a new contract.

None of Europe’s elite will be in for him, no matter how much he talks about Barcelona.
If he’s not fully committed, sell him, get the money and buy a top quality winger.


I say it again; that was an eight game sample size. That’s why to small to get anything from. Our results with Cazorla in 12/13, 13/14 and 14/15 were very similar to our results in 15/16 and 16/17 without Cazorla. We imploded in 17/18, but that has nothing to do with him not being there. It’s such an enormous myth.


Doesn’t sound good :xhaka:. C’mon Aaron! You can’t leave with the new manager.


No they weren’t though. Take away the Cazorla games from 16/17 and we’re averaging 68 points for 16/17. That’s a clear drop off from other seasons and and close to the drop off from this season.

Either way I’m not sure how any football fan with eyes can not see the clear difference between the magical Santi in the middle and the cloggers we’ve put up with recently.


We got 56 points from 30 games without Cazorla in 16/17. Over a whole season that would be 70.9 points. That’s in line with what we did with Cazorla in other seasons.

Visually it’s different. From a perspective of how the team performed it wasn’t.


56 from the 31 games he didn’t start = 68.6. When he started we won 6 and drew 1


So you make the sample size even smaller and that should me more meaningful? Kindly ignoring all kind of other factors. You must be trolling. Lol.


No I use the sample size where he actually started, not a game where he didn’t play for 67% of the match. Not the game we were 3-1 down in when he was subbed into and 4-1 down within 2 minutes of him joining the pitch. He then assisted 2 of our goals to bring it back to 4-3. So we scored 2 and conceeded 1 in the part of the Liverpool game he actually played in.

The Liverpool game is actually a prime example of how we’re a completely different team with Santi playing despite the fact he was injured.


Or Liverpool felt like they got the game in the bag and took the foot of the pedal.


Haha did he actually say this? :joy:


just watching the match back, holy shit Ramsey is pretty jacked now.

Some rumours linking this guy to Chelsea