Aaron Ramsey (8)


Nice kit - shit player.


Savage :joy:


Soooo much better than the home kit.


Hope he 's gonna reach double figure next season to shut you up :wink:


He better be. He is mediocre at everything else.


No doubt you’ll all be creaming over him again come the end of the season.

Ramsey is not shit, end of.


He certainly makes a fantastic scapegoat though :slight_smile:


I wasn’t in 13/14. I will not be if he scores 20 in 18/19 :laughing:.


Why not? 20 goals from any player is great.

I don’t rate Ramsey myself but I would gladly take that output, unless it comes at the detriment of our overall play which has happened because of him in last few seasons.


Wouldn mind that tbh :ozil2:
He will have to impove his finishing massively tho


His already scores many goals, tbh.


Haha he looks so much younger now


He looks like a nonce tbf


He looked so much better before.

He’s gone down in my hot footballers pecking order now, which i’m sure he’ll be absolutely devastated about.

This is not a good start to my week :pensive:


Yeah, that classic clean shaven nonce look. I gave myself one of those this morning.


I did it before going away last week, first thing the missus asked was how many kids I’d fingered :joy::joy:


Love it. Lost my beard game not long ago too.


In Wengers own words: “Like a new signing”.


I haven’t had a clean shave in a very long time and I don’t know if it will ever happen lol


Finally got my beard in order & got over the itching.
Not gonna shave for a very long time.