Aaron Ramsey (8)


And who gets it instead?

I can’t think of anyone in this squad more worthy than him.

We keep giving it to old and knackered players who end up being the captain from the bench or the injury room. We might as well give it to someone who’s going to play.


If Kos is playing, of course it is Kos. No way you demote a captain for stupid reason.

My 2nd choice would be Jack.

I would give the armband to Ozil but not Ramsey.


same kos who will be out for a year? joke

This guy should be the captain.

Jack over Ramsey?! :arteta:


Yes, I opt Jack over Ramsey.

That’s my choice and opinion.


Wilshere :laughing: :laughing:

If we’re nominating shit player for the captaincy, I nominate Lionhearted Welbeck.

He always give his best, always willing to tackle and has scored in more important games than WIlshere ever has.


Can Wilshere wear the Arsenal armband while he’s playing for Everton? That would sort a lot of problems out.


Talk of Jack as Captain makes me cringe, I’m hoping he’s nowhere near the squad next season under a new manager.


This painfully shows that there are no actual leaders there are in this squad. Ramsey isn’t a top player and he isn’t a leader. A passive character like Ozil as captain is a painful thought. Yea Ozil is going to kick the lads up the backside isn’t he? We need to buy leaders

This is another reason we should of brought Cesc back. He’d be first choice captain out of all those names.

Out of our current players I’d give it to Auba, at least he has swag and balls FFS


Armband/captaincy could mean leadership, it could also mean you want that person to be accountable, to take more responsibility.

If the team really don’t have a leader, I would give it to Ozil because he is the one that I want to take more, to put the team on his shoulder and to perform. You give the armband to him and hope for something good in return.

Yes, to get a leader is a priority now.


But if he doesn’t do more and doesn’t motivate the team you have a problem. As good as he can be Ozil is mentally a weak character who needs someone to push and motivate him rather than him being the motivator.

Also if you want a shake up, you don’t put one of the old guard as captain because then you get more of the same.


yes, then we need a new captain, a real one.
Not Ramsey.


Ramsey has more leadership qualities than its let on imo.

Certainly more than Koscielny and Wilshere


In what way???


He’s not a little bitch. Has something about him. backs himself. But stays calm.

Comes up in the big moments. You can tell he has the right mentality.

Basically, we get Allegri and Rambo will be lifting the CL within 5 years. And there is nothing we can do about it.


This is sensational banter :clap:


Came up on twitter last night; would the Wilshere extension mean something in regard of his future?


Poor mans Thomas Muller. This guy is not a midfielder. In the middle of the pitch you need guy who can pass and control a ball. Not running around like a headless chicken trying to get a goal to stay away from critiscism. Just as Wilshere, i dont mind this guy playing at home against cannon fodder. But in big games he has no use. Guy cant defend and is always missing cuz he want to be an attacker so badly that he forgets his position.


If Ramsey stays fit under a new manager I feel like some people are really going to end up eating their words. Wouldn’t be surprised if even the most stubborn Ramsey detractors-- @sevchenko :wink: – change their tune.

Imagine Arteta, the man whose partnership helped resurrect Ramsey’s career, managing Ramsey. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: No doubt he’d make him the best CM in Europe.


Urm the career saving partnership was with Giroud.

Look at his best goals that season and Giroud was involved with most of them