Aaron Ramsey (8)


It kinda is, 1116 give around 59 min a game. But let’s compare that to his EL numbers, where he average around 45 attempted passes per90 vs inferior opposition. (You forgot the attemtep/completed part in the original post)


Give him a new contract now!


Here is per 90 stats. It doesn’t make much sense to me as to why minutes per game and or sub appearances make a difference either.


It’s because per90 tends to inflate the stats of players that play less minutes, because they’re stat are being divided by a lesser amount of minutes. Sub-appearances tend cause this more that being taken off early, since the players comes in, play a few passes, has a tackle and a shot, but per90 tends to assume that the player performance would be the same during a full match.
Think about Giroud’s number last season, where he had 0.89 goals per90, compared to 0.59 he had the previous season.

Similar of how per36 or per100poss inflate the stats of role players in the NBA

These are useful when comparing player with a similar amount of time played,similar amount of sub app or large sample sizes(several full seasons), that said advance stats(like xG90 or xA90) usually take this effect in consideration.


They have different style.
Wilshere is more about driving forward and making the pass at final instance of his runs.
His passing statistics will always be low because his game is not that of a distributor.

He is coming back from injury and coming back from lack of confidence & top level game experience.
When he started the season, he was really good.

I know people have short term memory but Wilshere was indeed good & if he can stay injury free, he can regain that on consistent basis.

We are benefitting by persisting with Ramsey when Ramsey was utter turf for last 3 seasons.
We can do so with Wilshere especially given he is offered the contract basis on his appearance


Correction - he was better than people anticipated.


I see what you are saying but, bear with me now because I am fucking awful at maths, however I don’t think the squawka site uses an algorithm on the per 90 option, and I don’t think Cuellar was speaking of one either.

Jack has played 1122 minutes and made a total of 738 passes (completing 633 - 86%). Divide 1122 by 90 that gives you roughly 12.5 full matches. Divide 738 by 12.5 gives you 59 passes per match in the PL. Ramsey has more passes and has played more, if you break it down Ramsey is at 60 per game. To use your analogy of the NBA this stat seems to me like it’s calculcated more like a scoring average than any other metric.

Once again feel free to tell me where I’m wrong here if I’m missing something.


Is the math itself, the dividing the stats per 90 what inflates them. The dividing the stats per 90 minutes by itself assumes that the performance of a player is equal during the 90 minutes. And with subs that’s not true. Again the Giroud example.

Compare Wilshere’s EL per game stats with his EL per 90 stats or Ramsey PL per game with his per 90. You will see that there not that much variation compared to Wilshere’s PL stats.

On the minutes overall minutes thing, if Elneny come in and plays 30 minutes a game for 3 games, that doesn’t means that he played a game. Think about it like NBA shooting, Kobe shooting 45% its not the same than a bench player shooting 45%, volume matter.


So how would you compare their stats then? Can’t do it per game because Ramsey is playing 20 minutes more per game on average than Jack which will inflate Ramsey’s stats. It’s an interesting conversation because, going back to the NBA thing, a guy like Jordan Clarkson fills up a stat sheet but he doesn’t get much playing time because of other variables. He’s not a very good defender, a little small to be playing a 2, but he’s a scorer and not a distributor so he can’t really play the 1 either. Feels a bit like Jack in that his variables are injuries, fitness, among other things.

I feel like you are being harsh on Wilshere, he hasn’t been that bad. Ramsey is clearly the better overall footballer but Jack isn’t completely useless either.


So no one pointed out that yesterday’s goal was intended to be a cross for Auba yet?


Think that was very clear tbh but still deserves the praise for his all round performance


It doesn’t matter. What is valuable is the ability to deliver the ball in the grey area where any touch from the striker will probably result in a goal and where responsibility between the defender and the goalkeeper is so mixed up that it can lead to a mistake as yesterday’s.


It wasn’t just intended, it was still a very good cross. Auba made the decision to leave it but he could have easily made contact.


I still think Ramsey is not one of the midfielders to continue with as a starter because for what we are trying to do (quick passing, high ball circulation) he’s not the greatest option. None of the midfielders currently are. But we don’t know how the next manager wants to play, obviously.


To be honest, defender had every chance to clear the ball before it reaches Aubameyang but he had a brain fart




Contextualize using both the per game and per90 stat, can also use his EL stats where he played most of the available minutes.

I do think WIlshere has been dreadful this season, and while he is a gifted ball-carrier, his deficiencies and general lack of fitness make keeping him a bad option. Even with his new contract it’s still 80k for a player that doesn’t really improve us and isn’t that much of a good rotation option.


I had never jumped that ship…

but as Wenger is stepping down, it is the time for me to let go and forgive, give the old man one final applause and welcome the new chapter.


In the post interview Ramsey says it was a cross for Aubameyang, and he was glad that Aubameyang left it.