Aaron Ramsey (8)


This is by far the most subtle and meta April Fools post I’m likely to see today


I though this was going to be a can join Real Madrid clause.


Lol! Nice one, tbh.


You know you’ve made an impact on a game when you get given MOTM despite not scoring or assisting… and against Stoke too, bonus!



Give this guy all the money

Give him the Emirates

Give him Wenger’s house

I think he’s been our player of the season. Please stay :pray:


Sign da thing!


We need to keep him, his inconsistency’s and soft tissue injuries are annoying but when he’s on he’s a quality footballer.


armband needed


Yeah, stop with that pretender. @Persona





Seriously unlucky not to have scored 4 tonight, maybe 5




It will hurt watching him do things like this for another team. We really screwed the pooch with his contract.


Has better movement than most strikers in the final 3rd. Awesome player.


What a goal, what a player! It’s a shame some are only recently seeing his worth!


Class finish that


God Ramsey is class. Just made it through the first 6 minutes but everything he’s done has been pure class.

Easily our best player not named Özil or Aubameyang. Hard to compare him and Auba but you could make a case he’s more important/better than him too.

The people who were saying Wilshere is better than him must have terrible acne from all that pie on their face.


I’m fully off the Wilshere train now. Ramsey is the one we need to keep. He offers us things no one else in our team does (or does as well as he does at least) – like those forward runs he makes off the ball.

I read that he’s contributed to a goal every 100 minutes this season, which is better than the likes of Alli and KDB. Not that stats are the be all and end all, but his importance can’t be denied.

I don’t know if the rumours of him being unhappy are true and I don’t know if money is the key component to him signing a new deal, but we need to go all out to keep him. He’s going to have several teams chasing him though, so I fear we have a big challenge on our hands :grimacing:


Not surprising. In terms of scoring contribution he’s god tier. If he could just have better luck/better composure when finishing who knows how many goals and assists he’d bag.