Aaron Ramsey (8)


Ramsey has had way more disappointing seasons at Arsenal than he has had good. I wouldn’t mind keeping him but I don’t want him to be a first choice option. Not even just for his fitness concerns but also for the fact that I just don’t think he’s good enough if the club wants to move forward.


Ramsey’s been noticeably more disciplined at CM this season especially defensively. Done well considering he would have got no helpful directives from the manager.





GK and CBs have desperately needed sorting since 2007.


Ramsey is our second best player and one of three, perhaps four players (Özil, Ramsey, Aubameyang/Lacazette, maybeeee Mkhitaryan) who are at the accepted level for a club of our stature. He has his issues (mainly, at this point, injury proneness, his level has been pretty consistently quite good for a year now to the point where inconsistency I am not sure is a major red flag anymore), but I can’t believe people would be so happy or willing or ambivalent to see him go. Maybe if we were City or Madrid or Barça we could have such an attitude toward such a player being sold, but of course, we are very, very far away from being City or Madrid or Barça.


It’s mainly because it shouldn’t be too hard to upgrade on him while offering a replacement likely half the salary Ramsey will demand.

If we could replace with Max Meyor or Fabinho or Jorginho then we will have improved our midfield.

Ramsey has been better the last year but it shouldn’t be enough to make him one of our top earners


I am not a scout and I haven’t watched these players more than once or twice in my life but I seriously doubt that is true.


If he manages to hound Wenger out, give him the armband imo


Well simples. You’re (greatly) overestimating Ramsey. Ozil probably is the only untouchable in this squad.


I really think Ramsey could be for us what Gerrard and Lampard were for Liverpool and Chelsea with a manager who knew how to utilize him properly.



Ramsey has been pretty consistent this season and I echo the sentiments above - I’m positive that a new manager would get a heck of a lot more out of him.

Fucking Chris Coleman got Ramsey into the Euro team of the tournament and he was the driving force to getting Wales to the semis. That is his level but a complete lack of tactical instruction from the manager means he doesn’t reach those highs on a consistent basis for Arsenal.


He’s been very good this season and more disciplined and tactically astute at CM which is more a natural progression if anything, however, his seemingly huge importance is increased exponentially by Wenger’s lack of tactical nous and nonsensical managerial approach.

In a team that relies almost wholly on individuals and not a collective a goal scoring CM can seem to be incredibly important. However, problems can arise when the goals dry up which is a similar situation to where Dele Ali is. Tactically he’s one of their most expendable players.

The attacking third of the team should be in incredibly better shape and function to the point of not needing Ramsey to score on a consistent basis which is where this team is currently at.



When does his contract expire? 2019? Must absolutely keep him.




There’s an irony in the fact that Giggs is being told he can’t have one of his best players because of a small injury.

When Ferguson was manager of Man U, it was amazing how many small injuries Giggs picked up just before a Wales match but then was fit again for the next Man U game.


Finally we are acting well with our players going out on the international break.



I really do hate April 1st, especially when adults engage in it. So damn annoying