Aaron Ramsey (8)


It does but we’re never gonna be resolute defensively under Wenger so if it brings back the free flowing football we haven’t seen since 13/14 I’m all for it.

Edit - Well maybe not in the games vs City, Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham & Chelsea cause they’d kill us on the counter :upside_down_face:


I still have some unjustified hope Wenger can get Arsenal back to the pre-2009 days defensively. But that ship has long sailed.


Current season


ITK, seems to have been close to the mark regarding a few stories relating to Arsenal. Said ages ago about Alexis and Kos having a tiff at the training ground, to the be confirmed by the media outlets. Seems legit for the time being.


Ozil and iwobi loves passing to each other lol



How is Elneny’s defensive error higher than Xhaka?


He’s played so few minutes and it’s p90


Because he’s using a per90 comparison between starters and player that have regularly come out of the bench.

This and the discrepancy between game time inflate the bench players stats. Both positive and negative stats.


Which begs the question that since we are observing Elneny for very small sample size, can he really be a reliable squad player for upcoming season or just someone who is fresh but will get found out when given a run?

I like to think he has more in his locker and will flourish if given a run in a stable team but whether he will step up is to be seen.

Also can this work?

Elneny - Ramsey

With wilshere stepping back to cover for Ramsey.


The team wouldn’t have any width and we’ll get murdered on the flanks. Both Ozil and Miki have the tendency to drift in and not track back.


Maybe Ramsey’s just going to sit tight and see what happens with Wilshere this summer, see if he stays or goes before deciding his own future. That’s what I’d do unless Big Weng gets serious about playing them together


If the Juventus thing is true, I would be gone if I were him.


He doesn’t strike me as someone agitating to leave. Quite the opposite.


I don’t know. I always feel he is bit disjointed with the club.


Why would Ramsey ever leave Arsenal? He’s one of Wenger’s favourites and the last contract of his peak is coming up.

Doubt Juve would pay him anything over £100k but at Arsenal we love to overpay. Seen rumours of a £200k contract


Ambition? Change of scenary after ten years? Because he achieved everything he possibly can with Arsenal? Because Juventus is incredibly successful?


If footballers game a toss about those things they’d be joining Ajax and Benfica, they all chase the bank balance.


Unlike those two clubs Juventus can compete on the highest level.


So could Monaco and if they could hold onto their players they’d have become the best team in the world

And Ajax lost all their best players after winning the CL, so did Porto