Aaron Ramsey (8)




Hopefully he gets a shot in midfield once it becomes clear top 4 is off.


I’d just drop Xhaka… even if it meant playing with 10 men.

At least with 10 focused men, you wont be lulled into a false sense of security by assuming Xhaka is actually interested in marking the man in front of him, as opposed to just watching him run by unopposed straight in to the box for a one on one with a hapless Cech.

PS; I dont like Xhaka.


Am in the A&E waiting room and this post cracked me up

Literally LOL


Gotta say it’s nice to see quite a few high on Ramsey these days, quite a change from recent times where he was ridiculed on a consistent basis and it went way OTT at times even on here.

He’s always had what it takes to be somewhat of a complete midfielder and he’s seemingly made some progress and matured tactically with regard to timing his runs as to not leave his midfield partner pissing in the wind, although with Xhaka it happens anyway because he doesn’t have much between the ears but that’s not Ramsey’s fault whereas it almost always used to be.

With that said he’s probably going to do his hammy against Spurs and be out for at least a month :mkhi:






Who is this guy? Seems a bit far fetched.


This shite is never going to stop is it…


No doubt that it’s supreme bullshit.

Talking about abuse, when was the last time that happened? And the Wilshere thing is just plain stupid.

The desperation of some people for attention on social media as wannabe ITK’s is quite pathetic, they aren’t even making money from it. Just satisfied by being attention whores.


Yeah, please lord let football analytics and stats stop catching up to other sports and stay in the dark age. :roll_eyes:


I LOL’ed

‘believes he can be appreciated as the best box to box midfielder in the world’


You’re entitled to think whatever you like. I think a stat of expected non penalty goals/assists per 90 minutes is a load of shite.


Fuck off! He has to stay.


People look at key pass stats, this is pretty much the same. If your midfielder is creating 5 clear cut chances per game but has no assists you still consider him a good player, same thing via stats.


Well done, you’re the first person to actually believe that tweet


Sorry :xhaka:


The top 3’s NPxG+A p90

Paulinho - 0.77
David Silva - 0.73
Ramsey - 0.66

Man if he can stay fit and we can keep using the same system we used on Saturday

He’s gonna be top of that shit by the end of the season.


That shape also sums up why we get exposed so often…


What period is that over? Curious before I use these stats elsewhere


Seriously. Always wondered what gives them the motivation to do their trolling beyond first few times.