Aaron Ramsey (8)


Alternatively just admit that you fill some of your posts with entirely subjective soundbites passed off as fact, and I’ll stop bugging you and leave you in peace :smile:


Sorry but you’re the one that tried to pass Wilshere being a better option as fact

Wanna see stats well

Wow it’s almost like Ramsey is clearly the superior offensive player

Defensive stats?

Wilshere averages 0.8 tackles, 0,5 interception and 0.1 blocks per games.
Ramsey averages 1.6 tackles, 1.1 interception and 0.2 blocks per games.

The faux striker doubles Wilshere in defensive contributions.


Nice, what site’s all that from? and is it Premier League players only



But it only has an offensive radar.


@Robin_L and the people liking his posts, made to look a mug by my weonic rival. :grimacing: :flushed:

Facts are facts. Trump is a mug. That is a fact, like Ramsey has better positional awareness than Wilshere is fact. Just because there isn’t a specific statistic that proves it (although there are many that speak to it) doesn’t make it subjective, that’s a rhetoric device that women like yourself (yes, I finally believe, you’ve convinced me with some of your talk lately) like to use to make bad opinions sound better and good/inconvenient opinions sound worse.

It’s like people who say art is all subjective so what’s the point. No, it’s subjective to a point, there is objectively good art and objectively bad art.


I don’t know how Ramsey’s positional awareness is considered good.


Who said it was good? It has been good for parts in his career (13-14, second half of 14-15, etc.), but better than Wilshere’s is what was stated.


I’d rather drop Xhaka, and play Ramsey and Wilshere.


So basically you mean less shit.

I really don’t recall anytime in Wilshere’s time at club when we complained about him being out of position and us conceding.
We said that a lot about Ramsey.

Argument can be made that Ramsey has attacking wise better positional awareness. In that case, fine.


Maybe they liked it because they agreed with the shade being thrown your way for how you make your points, rather than because they disagreed with your commets on Wilshere vs Ramsey.

Just a thought lol


I’d say the eye test matters to some degree for something that we follow and watch for entertainment purposes.

For everything Ramsey does well there is a lot that doesn’t go quite well; ball retention, consistency, the time he (sometimes) needs to process what happens and to act accordingly. I don’t think we need a Gerrard - (very) light and can do better.


Similar to the Iwobi conversation today, maybe we can do better but definitely not with the options in the squad at the moment.

Anyway, I kinda worry about how long Ramsey can play the way he does. 27 now and still suffering from muscular injuries, as good a reason as anyway to invest in the midfield imo.


No doubt, but then the “shade” being thrown at me was that I pass of subjective points as being objective, and TSC summarily showed that the point I was making was actually objectively true, so yeah…

For real?

Ramsey has always had more interceptions than Wilshere, an indication of positioning, and aside from getting into goal scoring positions more than Wilshere there’s the obvious fact that he offers himself up much better than Wilshere does to receive in build-up play (which is indicated by the fact that Ramsey generally has significantly more touches/90 than Wilshere), which is of course a crucial fundamental of being a good midfielder.


One of the reasons why Ramsey being so ambitious all the time pisses me off. He is excellent defensivley; always had great stats in terms of tackles & interception but he refuses to be pragmatic about his runs.

With Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Aubameyang & Iwobi or any winger; we don’t need Ramsey to attack so much.


I’d love for both Wilshere and Ramsey to play. It won’t happen under Wenger anyway, so it’s wishful thinking. It’s going to free us up from using a defensive midfielder. If these two can work together, it’d be reminiscent (whisper it quietly) of the Vieira-Petit days


Doubles in defensive contributions, really? Lets look at the dribbled past per game stat

Ramsey: 1.7
Wilshere: 0.5

And I don’t need stats to tell me Ramsey gets caught out of position up the field very frequently.

@AbouCuellar Ramsey and Positional awareness don’t belong in the same sentence, unless it’s ‘he does not possess’


@AbouCuellar you do pass off subjective viewpoints as being objective, with regularity. I’d be amazed if I were the only person here to notice this :smile: Not picking on you btw, it’s easily done, lots of people do it including on this forum

Regards the stats, they’re useful for building up a picture of an overall Wilshere vs Ramsey comparison, yet there is still no conclusive stat on there that measures ‘positional awareness’. It’s not like top running speed or average distance covered. It’s a qualitative assessment that surely can’t be measured in pure numerical terms, you seem to think it is. I disagree. Congrats on finally ascertaining my gender and ‘making me look a mug’ :wink:


If Maitland-Niles is taken into the equation Wenger has five players for the pivot…I reckon we’ll get a right winger sooner.


Qualitative does not = subjective

Like I said, Wilshere > Ramsey technically is a fact, just like De Bruyne > Welbeck technically is a fact. It’s also qualitatively objective. There’s no stat that directly measures technique just as there isn’t one that directly measures ‘positional awareness’.

I only pass off qualitatively objective viewpoints as being objective, not my fault you can’t tell the difference :wink:


An assessment of a qualitative indicator as vague as ‘positional awareness’ has by its nature to involve a degree of subjectivity then. :+1:

Well done for coming full circle and actually agreeing with me :smile: God you’re hard work