Aaron Ramsey (8)



The prospect of Ramsey not signing does not fill me with alot of fear. We’ve had a few good moments, won a few cups. He can leave, doubt he gets a better gig than Arsenal as a free agent


Yea. I don’t care if he goes to be honest. Gotta sell him for some cash in the summer though. massive clear out is coming whether we like it or not.


95% of the players can fuck off as far as i am concerned…we are meant to be concerned that welbeck and ramsey may not wanna sign boooohooo they both can fuck off especially welbeck what does he add a bit of workrateand 1 goal every 15 matches fucking joker is injured all the time same with ramsey. I mean Kolasinac is a bloody defender and gives more goals and attacking intent to arsenal than fucking welbeck they both can fuck themselves!


I can see the logic.

Wenger in all his wisdom offered Chamberlain 180K a week, they know if both Özil and Sanchez fuck off they are in line for some pretty hefty desperation deals from Wenger.

Ramsey is worth keeping but Welbeck should be told he’s surplus at the earliest opportunity, I like him but this is football not cross fit.


Well, who would sign for a club who are selling their best players?


The lack of loyalty throughout our player base is shocking. It seems they openly discuss between them how to feck over the club by running their contracts down.

Ramsey and Welbeck FFS are any of the money clubs going to actually want them? I suppose they’d give a homegrown spot so City might try and pick up Ramsey as a back up on that basis and Pep might actually discipline him. But who’d pay Welbeck what we’re paying him?


a new manager will whip these fucktards into shape pretty damn quick i hope, we need a manager with some fucking balls wengers limp wristed approach of being the players dad is just making it that they are taking the piss out of him and the whole club.


Sad state of affairs when the likes of Ramsey and Welbeck want to turn us down.

Years ago, that level of player would bite your hand off for even a sniff at first team action with Arsenal.


Those guys are not stupid. Arsenal is going absolutely nowhere. If I were them I would test the market too. Even if their qualities as players might not justify that and ot means sitting on the bench for f.e. City. There is nothing to gain here.

A massive overhaul is needed anyway. Particularly those British players. Bar Wilshere they can’t play anyway.


If they don’t want to talk by December then chances are they want to leave, or are at least thinking about it.

Welbeck I could understand, I have a feeling he’s the type that might step down to an Everton to play and I think he’d do fine somewhere like that.

And if Chelsea can buy Drinkwater and City can buy Delph and United can buy Schneiderlin then I don’t see why someone wouldn’t take a punt on someone like Ramsey if it’s late in the window and he puts together a good season here.

If I was him I wouldn’t stay here if I had a choice. He’ll have been here 10 years. That’s long enough at a club, even if it’s a successful time.

I still have a feeling after Ozil, Sanchez and Chamberlain turned down big money deals that Ramsey will be the one getting it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out at some stage that he’d signed a £200k a week deal. If you look at this squad he’s an important player and many important players are leaving already. I think he’ll be a keep at all costs kind of player for Wenger (if he wants to be kept).


Why on earth would he not want to leave?

So, so, SO underappreciated at Arsenal and tbh probably deserves better.

I hope we get different stewardship soon, because I think Ramsey can be the best mid in the league |(bar De Bruyne / Silva who are obviously inhumane) tbh.


Did they kill a rhino or something?


Oh you good.


I find Ramsey a bit boring so I wouldn’t care if he left.


Bye. Couldn’t give a fuck if he left. So many better midfielders you could get to replace him


When you look around our team, he is one of the more important players. Yes there are better midfielders around, but what is the likihood in us getting one? We haven’t so far.

We may need to strengthen in several positions but we won’t. We can’t and won’t replace everyone.




We should be looking at building a completely new core and squad. Nobody is important in that imo,


When players like Ramsey want out, you know things are bad.

We can’t keep our top quality players, we can’t attract top quality players, and it looks like we are having trouble keeping just good players.

Why is this?
What is so unattractive about our club?
Could it be something beginning with W and ending with R?