Aaron Ramsey (8)


Can Silva fucking just…just grow his hair back?


Brilliant and clever assist once again. He is so in form right now.


“Call me in June”


Whilst I think he’s certainly performing better than in the last two seasons - I still think he needs replacing eventually. He simply doesn’t have the discipline to play in a two man midfield and if Wenger persists with it - Ramsey will continue to expose his partner to too much pressure.


Pep can fuck off. Stop buying our players like he was still at Barcellona.


I’d quite like to see him play with someone not quite as totally fucking useless as Xhaka, or rather, someone who is genuinely top class.

If it still doesn’t work out, then I’d agree.

Although I’d still see value in Ramsey as a squad player, provided he could reconcile himself with playing that role.


Ramsey’s strength is his stamina, the less he plays the less his stamina will be so one of his biggest assets is lost.


Regardless of what Xhaka or Ramsey think, upgrading this position with a better player is needed so much right now. Wenger isn’t building a team around either Aaron or Granit by the looks of it so I see no problem with him seriously upgrading or bringing in a talented young player with different attributes to what we have in those two.




Isn’t that an oxymoron?



He couldn’t play at the end, he had a slight hamstring problem.


So Coquelin is ready to come off the bench to replace him :xhaka:


I could post so many memes, yet I just want to cry.


He loves getting his soft tissue injuries around the festive period so he can miss a bunch of games.


Typical hamstring injury for us. Just hope not to see Coquelin now.


Hasn’t Rambo had a few hamstring injuries now?


Yes, and I don’t think one of them has been “2-3 weeks” :mustafi:


Yeah Hammies are hard to predict - really any of the bigger muscles are tricky and hammy/groin issues can linger if you don’t get it right in recovery. I can imagine this one dragging on a bit or seeing a recurrence later in the season when we really need him… sighs… CM is such a f*ing mess.


Going to be a big miss. For me he’s the best performing player for us this season on balance.


I think this is where we see how important Ramsey actually is