Aaron Ramsey (8)


I agree with you @Castiel , I do think Ramsey was good that one season and I think he is still a good player in the right setup, but this season (and probably last one as well) no midfielder of ours has been particularly good for any spell of time, and it absolutely used to be our strength.

I also think it directly links to why our defense, which should be relatively awesome on paper compared to previous iterations, is still conceding a high numbers, and why our attacking trio, again better than many previous iterations, isn’t scoring an awful lot.


This midfield obviously isn’t as good as past midfielders but that’s a seperate issue to Ramsey upping his game. His defensive and covering have improved. As has his release of long balls and through balls that have played parts in chances and goals. His movement into space and getting all over the pitch is also very good. No he won’t be the maestro Cesc was or the machine Vieira was. He’s also hindered by his midfield partner in Xhaka who needs to get his game up a few levels.


Like it or not he’s having a top season. Hope his hamstrings don’t blow up on Saturday.


3 goals and 5 assists so far this season in the league, 3 games in 6 days will be a test for those hamstrings though.


MOTM for me yesterday, his vision and precise through balls are becoming a thing now. 2 assists and a pre-assist and I thought a fair few other defense splitting passes. He carried the ball forward well and rarely lost it.


Was excellent. Should’ve had another great assist with that Giroud effort.


Called it on the 1st of August :yum:


Not sure what you think you called, but he had 8 goals in the league (13 all competitions) by this time in 13/14.

This season he has a grand total of 3 lol.


Hahaha yeah I was also going to say that :rofl:


A completely new player. We can’t do without him atm.


And won the ball far more often, sometimes he was making about 8 tackles in a game.

However his intricate passing is better than in 13/14 and maybe anytime of his career


3 goals and 5 assists.

My initial post was just effectively saying that he’d have a top season, 3 goals and 5 assists so far would constitute that, if he keeps it up of course.

The smiley should have indicated that I was being slightly tongue in cheek, because what we’re seeing obviously isn’t on par with 13/14


If often seems like this is very difficult for people to understand.


This is Oliver were talking about, he’d ignore the obvious smiley to score some points


Bit salty about being called out I see.


Yep, whack gattuso and pirlo 2004-07 vintage in there instead and you’re title contenders.


No, I just don’t like you in the slightest.

Give yourself a pat on the back for calling someone out over a tongue in cheek post though. 1-0 to Oliver after the first leg


Didn’t your mrs get you a mug for your anniversary?

Every day is 1-0 to me.


That Ramsey pass for the third goal against Huddersfield is a thing of beauty.


Was very good again last night probably our best player this season.