Aaron Ramsey (8)


I kind of feel like we wouldn’t have seen so many shite displays from Ramsey if he’d just been persisted with in the centre. Coming back from injury so many times and being put out wide just hasn’t helped him at all. I hope we never see him out there again.


Clearly back to his original role. Only Wenger thought he was a winger :facepalm:


He wasn’t played as a winger. He was played as an auxillary midfielder much like Cazorla was.
We played some of our best football with Ramsey in that position.


And he played some of his worst.


Wish life was as simple as you sometimes make it seem.

Its not like he improved after moving to midfield.
It was the right move at the time for Ramsey to play there.

Cazorla & Coquelin were excellent. Ozil, Giroud & Sanchez occupied the advanced position with Ramsey being the transition from midfield to them.

If the team plays at its best, who gives a fuck about Ramsey.

We deteriorated after Cazorla got injured and Ramsey had to fill in. The entire balance got wrecked.


I agree.
A season of Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez, with a proper striker like Lacazette and we could have really challenged for the title.

Ramsey is a decent player but Cazorla is a class above, and it shows when Ramsey is playing instead of him.


Him not playing out wide would have been the best move. And if that meant him not playing at all so be it.


If we had a player who could do the job, yes.
Since there wasn’t…

I would say even now Ramsey is not suitable for midfield 2, and team would benefit more if Ozil & Ramsey switched places.


Trion is back. :slight_smile:

Don’t really disagree about a potential switch with Ozil being better for Ramsey but not sure it would be better for the team. But yea, he still shouldn’t have been out wide as often as he was.


I agree with Trion. It was never that simple that Ramsey was good in the middle and shite out wide. There were games he played good in both positions and he stunk up the show in both positions also.

This formation helps imo because there are 2 midfielders to cover back while he gallivants up front.


I actually think Ramsey out wide was good for the balance of our team.


I think he needs to be regularly tended to by Wenger to help keep him consistent. Feels like his time at Arsenal, he’s publicly been told to ‘reign’ it in a little and bring discipline to his game. Since 14/15 he’s been more AM than all-around CM. To pardon a cliche, he doesn’t have the best ‘footballing brain’ to be fair.

Thought he was great yesterday though :ramsey:


Given how having a footballing brain is high on Arsene’s list of attributes to have for a footballer, it’s surprising that so many of his players suffer from that problem. Theo, Bellerin and Ox have the same problem. Xhaka is another one.


Ramsey was great out wide.


I think it’s largely what separates the top tier bracket of players. Skill and talent stretch to different lengths depending on how much a player possesses. Having total understanding of football is a golden ingredient, something even Wenger tries to instil in his young players; learning other positions to gain some understanding and sometimes evoking an inner strength of theirs.

Özil oozes it like a box of tatli :ozil2:


Tries being the operative word here. With not too much success based on the last 10-15 years…


Ox to world class wingback :yawn:


For the record, there are certainly different ways to try to cultivate football intelligence in players (though I think it’s mostly a case of you have it or you don’t–hence why I would just use the word quality, and say that at best you can cultivate/bring out quality), and I’m not sure that playing players in different positions is really any better than other, more subtle ways (playing them in their best position in a coherent tactical approach, with actual, coherent instructions, would be an alternative to Wenger’s ways :wink: ).

In short, the idea that playing players like Ramsey out wide is a developmental tool for me is kinda nonsense, sure, a player might develop some things there, but you also have to balance it against opportunity lost on polishing skills/intelligence in his other position. Ramsey played out wide because it was the best option for the team, later Wenger talks some shit about how it’s helped him in his development because that’s what Wenger can do in a press conference/that’s what press conferences are for, they’re the place where you can talk so much shit that you even end up finding ways to praise Marouane Chamakh in them.


Hopefully I don’t jinx it but Ramsey’s running the show.


Good performance today.