Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yeah it looks like the 400k number is his base salary plus his signing on fee spread out over the course of his contract and other bonuses. So his likely net salary is €6.9 million and everything else is additional fees and bonuses he’ll be paid on top.


Jesus Christ… 400k per week for Ramsey, and we are so cheap ass sitting here and complaining Ozil’s 350k.


But the transfer fee basically gets at least partially baked in. If Ramsey was purchased for 20 million, he wouldn’t get anywhere near that.


To be bought or not, Ramsey should not be anywhere near 400k per week, not even 200k; if Ozil’s 350k is too much for us.


Why are you bringing Ozil wage here into what Ramsey gets at Juventus. Totally not applicable.


He wasn’t accepting our offer and he would of been willing to sign for this type of crazy money. I think the club took a stand and said ‘fuck it, our positions are too far apart’.


Because that’s the reality, the money that big clubs paying their players.

There is no such clause saying, “I am paying you such and such but if you don’t perform up to standard, we will get rid of you”.

The club agree of the fee, player sign it, honor it, then move on.
Arsenal is the first club (yes, I am naïve) I know that giving out a contract, regret and want to sell the player.


Bullshit, there are clubs littered with overpaid underperforming players they regret giving lots of money and trying to move said players on.


If Ramsey is a legend based on longevity at the club, is Giroud with his 105 goals? Kosceilny? Walcott with his 108 goals? It depends where you draw the line because I don’t think Ramsey has been any better for us than any of them.

And if goals in finals count make you a legend then Michael Thomas has to be a legend surely. Any excuse to post this:


1/ how to define “underperform”?
2/ Ozil topped the “chances created” list for almost every single season he play here in the EPL. His goal scoring record is not good and that’s for sure. Not up to “expectation” is different from “underperforming”.
Yes, basically his record against the big 4 is bad, but still, he created tons of chances for his teammates to score, and they are clinical enough we could have won most of the matches.
3/ Is it his fault not being picked for the match squad?


1 he is being paid WC wages for doing fuck all at the moment and recently don’t play the fool the guy has been underperforming even before Emery came in but he was wengers pet and is too mollycoddled it’s pathetic for a playing wanting the money he is on.

2 there is more involved in a match than creating chances you can still be a liability to the team.

3 yes…yes it is!


1/ Who were/are not underperform in the past few seasons?
So, missing sitters was his fault?
Putting shit/average players around him was his fault?
Were shit lineup, tactics, substitution his faults also?

2/ Basically he is the man behind our lone striker.
If our wide man needs to be track back also (based on Podolski’s assessment), we are talking about 8 players being defensive (excluding keeper) when needed and how did Ozil take the blame for “not defensive enough” and being liable to the team.
This is such bullshit.
Being the CM/DM and played out of positon (especially Ramsey) not taking the blame?
Our disorganized defense and shit individual performance from the back line don’t need to take the responsibility?

Don’t sound like every single goal we conceded was Ozil’s fault.
Not forechecking, pressing enough is his weakness and that’s for sure, but we still have 8 players playing behind him.
The sin of not finding out why we leaking goals for fun is far more sinner than Ozil’s contract and his false accusation of defensive liability.

3/ thank you.


If you would get off his nutsack for 2 seconds it was obvious ozil wasn’t performing for us for a while hence for a long time there was the debate of if he is world class or not. It came down to he came have moments of being WC but not consistent enough so how has this changed. The guy is on 350k a week I think there are players that are of that calibre on far far less money. No doubting ozil is a great talent and I love the guy but it is obvious that either he is genuinely sick or injured and that is hampering him in which case why would Emery play him if he can’t keep up with the game or he is just being lazy and can do far more…so yet again why should a manager put up with that shit because his name is ozil and he is the club’s most expensive player? Surely that means he should have more expected from him surely?


Will his name be mentioned for years to come, passed down from generation to generation? I don’t think so. Thus not a legend for me. A good servant to the club, but not a legend at all.


I didn’t write the tweet. I thought it was interesting so shared it.


You said it, there must be some other reason(s).
Do we know why? No.

If you think he is obviously not performing enough for us, another obvious is, players around him are not good enough and capitalized the chances he created also.

Same applies to Van Dijk, one of the most expensive defender in the world. You expect him to perform just by his price tag, but what if you put shit defenders around him and put a shit keeper behind him?


the football manager tier system is quite good for categorising players tbh

Favoured Personnel

Ramsey for is towards the bottom end of the Favoured Personnel category for me


It has been reported though, even by the reliable Ornstein that Ozil is being forced out because the current regime regret giving him such wages. It also has been reported that Ozil hasn’t took the “Fuck it, I’ll sit on my contract” approach but instead he is working hard at training, trying to prove them wrong.
If Ozil isn’t a WC player btw I don’t even know what WC even means anymore. But you know, I’ve seen people say Messi and Ronaldo are shit so I shouldn’t be surprised at this point.


Of course teams get shut of under performing players or dont fit teams. Bergkamp and Henry came here because of that. Veron was bombed out at united because of it. This fucking one eyed agenda on Ozil with you is nonsense at times.
Did not and does not have relevance on Fucking Juventus paying Ramsey 400k a week.


Aren’t you and others also have the same kind of fucking agenda and want him out?

This is absolutely RELEVANT… look at the players that had left us, and the contracts they received.
Fuck it, all I can say it, we are fucking cheap.