Aaron Ramsey (8)


There is no way we should have bowed down to his wage demands.
He isn’t a first team regular and has long periods where he is inconsistent.

The problem with paying him 250k a week is that all the other better players are going to want the same and even more, and it’s the ridiculous paying of world class wages to good players that got us into this mess.

Wenger clearly didn’t rate him that highly because last season he wasn’t a first team regular, and it seems as if Emery is of the same opinion.

What I think is unacceptable is that he is leaving for nothing and we probably won’t replace him.
But that is the state of the club and the amateurish way they handle contracts and player recruitment.


He doesn’t come up with the goods though he’s basically always poor even in our big games and I think his two cup final goals have swayed people into thinking he comes up with the goods. He was just as absent in our big away defeats to the big 6 as anyone else and just as useless in Europe when we needed him too.

I don’t see what he’s going to bring to a Juve because they actually need creativity from the midfield and that’s what they’re lacking. He doesn’t really bring that I think it’s just the idea that maybe he can be a bit better in front of goal when he makes his late runs but I think Ramsey’s career is based on moments of brilliance with a bucket load of rubbish in between.


What bugs me the most about him also is when he misses major chances that can change a game he sits there with that shit eating grin ant it is sorta like ‘aaahhhhhh oh well no matter we will try again no big deal’ i knw you cant literally cry about it or anything but sometimes it literally looks and feels like he just doesnt care too much and he does feel that it is ‘oh no big deal’


Looking forward to how you justify the 41 goals and 41 assists since the 2013-14 season in the league and in Europe. Especially considering that he spent a large chunk of that time injured and playing out of position.

Apart from the winners in the Cup finals, he has either scored the winners or equalisers against United, Dortmund, Spurs and twice against Liverpool.

Look, I am not his biggest fan and he may not be the greatest player in the world, but he certainly has been a key squad player over the years and is definitely not worth losing for free. We’ve almost always downgraded or not replaced players we’ve lost in the last 5-6 years. Last year alone we let Ox, Santi and Wilshere go and replaced them with Lich, Guendouzi and no one respectively. Suarez for Ramsey looks like another one of these situations where the club is looking at the cheaper route out that will result in another downgrade.


Just the fact that nobody gives a shit we are losing Ramsey is all u need to know. Ppl are only freaking out because we are losing him for free seems like the theme here.


I don’t mind fighting losing battles on this site :smile: so I’ll just say, for me, this was another big game performance in which Ramsey made a difference.

Ozil wasn’t missed today and Ramsey was a large part of that. Losing both of them going forward is criminal really but Emery will have to find a way with whoever


How? Just how?


I wouldn’t go out my way to make a song and dance about it l, but I thought that he was effectively pressing and putting in a real shift like all of his colleagues, which were big factors in our performance and the result.


He marked Jorginho out of the game for the most of the time he was on the field, which prevents a lot of Chelsea’s offence.

That’s why he was my MOTM.


The match against Chelsea is probably the sort of Ramsey Emery thought he would be getting on a consistent basis before he came here, obviously didn’t work out like that though.

Still I’ll take any good performances he’s willing to put in before he leaves.


Consummate professional tbh. Great guy


I acknowledged his off the ball contribution in matchday thread but he was a complete non entity for on the ball work.
Certainly a big game or MOM performance need both.


Saw this on the Reddit


im sorry ramsey is not a club legend yes he served the club well but legend fucking hell how far have we dropped if ramsey is deemed a club legend ffs.


Sorry hun :joy:


dont apologise babe :wink:


Painful AF


It was nice of Aaron’s mum to make that tribute to him.


Absolutely gutted Ramsey is leaving. Was brilliant against Chelsea and probably my MoM.


Allegri saw this Ramsey performance Vs Jorginho and probably jizzed his pants.