Aaron Ramsey (8)


6m net is not a pay cut. Probably not far off double his current net.


Ramsey is going to be playing with Ronaldo.



Criminally underrated by a section of Arsenal fans, based on misuse by the manager. Despite that, still one of our only midfielders going back a decade that could make intelligent runs and combined it with a goal threat. Okay he wanted a big pay day and we said no, no one but the most morally pious can have a problem with this. Good luck to Aaron in Italy :+1:


Well hes only been linked to good clubs so far. Always been of the opinion we could have got more out of him.


Good luck Aaron, hope you win tonnes of trophies with Juve.


Good player. Good mentality too. All the best to him.


Ramsey and Alexis going for £0 absolute shambles from this club


I’ve personally always been a fan but he never pushed on from that wonder season and instead stagnated. He has great movement in the final third but his decision making has always been his downfall, with the added unnecessary tricks and flicks.

Good luck to him wherever he ends up.


You are the biggest winner with the IORP feud win. That’s why you can’t let Ramsey go from your heart.


I do quite like him, and he’s always made intelligent runs. As some have said it’s a shame he never pushed on from 2013/14, and that he was rather unlucky with injuries.

Still, two FA cup final winners, including the 2014 winner which was momentous, all deserves a great degree of credit. It’s fitting that big clubs are after him too (according to the rumours)


Really 6m Euros? How do you figure?


Only loan deals incoming :face_vomiting:


How is that the case with Wenger not zip locking the cash reserves?


So we are officially the paupers of the PL.


Can’t wait to see this windows equivalent of Källström.


Great market for Ramsey. Shows you how cold Ozil’s was last year


I actually rather this, buying Players in Jan is a massive panic and mostly end up with another schmuck in our team that isnt good enough but we are fucking stuck with.


Hadn’t considered the conversion in fairness but it’s about 90p to a euro anyway and he’s on £110k a week now before tax (according to a few sites) which works out about half that afterwards (assuming straight up taxing applies) and 6m after tax is roughly €115k a week so I’m definitely making a couple of assumptions there but that’s how I figure.


Last season the January window was arguably the best window we have ever had.

We are desperate for a lift and we definitely need a top quality CB as a bare minimum.

If this doesn’t happen there is no way are going to get in the CL for yet another season and spurs will finish above us again.

Saying that, I’m under no illusion that Kroenke is not going to give Emery what he needs, and loan deals are the most we can expect.


no top CBs are gonna leave midseason as their team will need them. The best we will get is a gary cahill type player…yup loan it is, fuck having a player like that on the books permanently.