Aaron Ramsey (8)


Juve love a free transfer :joy:


Smart business by Juve, pick up quality squad players and it only costs you wages.


He’ll be a good option but will he displace Pjanic, Bentancur or Matuidi?

Might actually be a good rotation option for Matuidi who also seems to be playing as a winger from time to time.


Who the fuck is BS?


Ramsey and Cr7 in the same team… :giroud: clash of the titans.


I’ve said it before but Rambo would fit better at Madrid. Could reach crazy numbers of goals/assists in such a team. Having Bale there will probably make it easier for the both of them too.


Ramsey will do well anywhere.
He is not completely consistent but he comes up with goals every often.

Prepare for few individuals who would bring him up again and again when he does well for his new club


It all depends who we bring in to replace him, if we bring in quality players to replace the ones that leave then it will be mentioned a lot less.


Why should it matter in case of a player, where only way to retain him is to pay him wages that we shouldn’t.
Ramsey is not leaving because we want money or someone is paying big bucks for him.

I can understand Fabregas, Persie, Nasri, Adebayor getting mentioned because we actively sold these players and got money to replace them.
But I don’t see why Ramsey should be mentioned considering it’s a logical monetary decision that club has taken, not misjudgment of his abilities or selling for big bucks.


Bukayo Saka?





I’d like to see him in Italy. I think he’d do well there.


He has been linked with Inter recently. Would most probably be a regular starter for them.


Pretty entertaining to see the Juventi on Twitter talking about how they think Ramsey is

  1. Too injury prone to merit a big contract,
  2. Has no real position, and
  3. Wouldn’t be an automatic starter in a crowded midfield


Entertaining but correct.


100% correct. A little frustrating that when Arsenal fans raise those points we’re accused of having ideas above our station and not appreciating what an amazing player Ramsey is.

I mean, I get it, he’s a good player and occasionally he’s an amazing player. But unfortunately most of the time he’s an injured player or coming back from injury.


He really doesn’t have a real position thinking about it. 10 years into his Arsenal career and he’s still being shoe horned in so to speak.


He definitely has a position. It’s, stay the fuck away from that midfield pairing that shield the back 4 and you can play somewhere on the pitch I guess meh *shrug, position.




Should be playing more and still can’t believe we’re losing him on a free. Big loss.