Aaron Ramsey (8)


Imagine. Two 30/31 year olds. Just what we need.


Fuck that.

Time to induce some optimism in this shit.

AMN, ESR, RN, EN and BS to take us to the CL final and win a CL for London, for the road. :wenger2:


The more I think about it the more I’m against the idea of selling him. I think I prefer him over the rest of our midfielders bar Torreira


Lose 2 of our top 5 players #unaiknows


I don’t believe that decision is entirely on The manager.


Give it a rest


Man barely getting a league game nowadays. Not even funny at this point.


Says a lot about the team when Ramsey and Ozil are our top 5 players and barely get a look in in the starting 11.

Indicative that the squad needs a clear out, might as well start in Jan and get rebuilding.


Rebuilding a team like that is one of the worst case scenarios. Not only is this gonna be a disaster financially but we have to find new players and until we do, we need to find solutions within. Given that we already reached our old terrible fitness levels I’m worried af.


I can’t see how Emery should be getting any criticism for moving players that he doesn’t want to have and I also don’t think losing a painfully average Ramsey is really concerning at all to be honest.


This. Any manager should have free rain to get players in and out to suit his system.

I honestly think Aussie just likes moaning haha


It depends on the replacements he brings for them, Unai seems to prefer Iwobi & Mhki to Ozil and Ramsey which I disagree with, but it is what it is.


Yeah I don’t get it either… I could sort of see the argument for Iwobi given he is perhaps more naturally a wide player (although he seems comfortable in middle), but Micki makes no sense to me over Ozil or Ramsey.


They’re better athletes and probably easier for Unai to apply his direction. Mkhi just got here and Iwobi is still fairly fresh as a professional. I’m sure being teacher’s pets has been rewarding for them.(Don’t think that’s bad)
Better players and veterans tend to trust their insticts and takes more to buy into someone else’s beliefs. That’s where elite ‘managers’ come into play.


Micki is definitely not a better athlete than Ramsey… I could see the argument for both over Ozil, but Micki hasn’t exactly shown anything special, foot ballistically OR athletically speaking.


I do think Mkhi is slightly a better athlete than Ozil and Ramsey. Stronger feet(both of them), faster than Ramsey(not sure about Ozil) and possibly stronger than both. I am still questioning his stamina as he has been suspect of being lazy tracking back at times(even more than Ozil imo).
Quality-wise he doesn’t come close personally. Maybe he has a better long shot than Ozil but that’s taking into account that Ozil doesn’t like to try his luck from distance.


I think a lot of the fear comes from that we’ll be losing players on next to nothing again.

Gazidis (+ whoever else responsible) has dicked this club financially, thank god he’s gone, hopefully less of these situations in the future.


Ramsey is a far superior athlete to Mhik and if anything Mhki is a marginally better athlete than Ozil.

He doesn’t fare very well out wide because he lacks explosiveness.


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Interesting move. Logical move from Juve