Aaron Ramsey (8)


Are we going to make that consideration based on one very good half? Because Ramsey has also delivered shit performances in the advanced role Emery envisioned him in and a retraction of the offer based on his dwindling and his perfomances this season has been a logical outcome.


Ramsey is currently shared 1st spot for assists. 6 in total, same amount as Sterling and Fraser. More than Hazard and Eriksen.

Not bad for a player who comes off the bench often and most deem to be not good enough for us.


The problem with Ramsey is that we’ve had him for 10 years now and he’s had one good season. He does churn out the odd good performance but it’s impossible to justify giving him a huge wage packet when it’s not even certain he’ll be a starter for us. It hasn’t really worked out for Ramsey and I think it’s going to be better for both parties when he moves on.


I think he is a good player to have. I agree that we must have a Worldie to play first choice, but as a back-up and in certain matches Ramsey is as good as they come and if he would be willing to stay on reasonable wages, I don’t see a problem in keeping him.


I’d be happy to keep Ramsey on reasonable wages but let’s be honest, I’m willing to bet the primary reason he didn’t sign the contract on table was money. So the thought of keeping Ramsey as a squad player on reasonable wages is just a little unrealistic for me to believe in.


Probably, but let’s see. He realises he is not going to be able to pull a Sanchez / Ozil and will be off to somewhere else at the end of his contract. Maybe, he will come around and sign a good deal and stay at Arsenal. Perhaps, unlikely, but one never knows.


He is putting in some very professional performances this season in unusual circumstances for a player. Okay he is under contract, but its still good too see and not guaranteed by all players in this day and age.


Looks like the door is completely shut on him staying. Happy about this as I think he tried to hold the club hostage and the club refused to let that happen. Now he can go and warm a big clubs bench or enjoy playing in the first team of an Everton type club.


Ramsey is also playing for his future. He knows multiple clubs will monitoring him right now. I don’t think he will struggle finding a decent club to go to.


Would love to keep him…just not on £200k a week.

Clearly doesn’t fit in with Emery’s plans as a starter and now that we’ve got Ozil / Mr Wayne on the books at £350k with a broken back we might as well get the best out of Rambo till he leaves.


Given it took until the end of Jan for Ozil to sign I think it’s possible he stays on a more reasonable wage than what he’s asked. No one is offering him 200k to warm the bench and he won’t start for most top clubs.

Who actually need him? Maybe United could use a midfielder but him and Pogba sounds like chaos. Liverpool could make use of him but they’re pretty stacked there.


That’s the thing - Ramsey will have to make a decision as to whether or not he’s willing to drop down in quality of clubs and probably earn more money or whether he wants to warm the bench of another of the “big 6”. I’ve seen links to Juventus and Bayern but I highly doubt they’re going to want to pay what he seems to be after. Unless the appeal of winning trophies and playing in another top European league genuinely does appeal to him.


On his last payday, no I don’t think he’s going for trophies, it has to be the biggest money and one of Arsenal, United, City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Do any of these goto 200k for him? I doubt it. More like 150k the way he’s been playing. It’s pretty much like when Milner left City, decent homegrown squad player gets a contract beyond what a foreign player will get on a free.

The thing we should remember is that right now he’s had a few good performances but this is him playing for a contract. Once he has it, it’s going to be a return to the mean.


He had a good game yesterday but many of you are really overreacting. In some ways, yesterday’s game said it all in that his good performance came in a position (RW) where he will never be a top level player. Emery is smart enough to realize that Ramsey should not be part of the equation at CM, something that Wenger could never really wrap his head around. But at RW Ramsey will also never have the qualities to be a starter for a top club as he doesn’t have the dribbling skills, pace, or ability to run behind a defense. Sometimes you want to be able to throw on a player like Ramsey on the wing who will work hard, harass the defense, and has a decent eye for goal, but that makes him a useful squad option, not a guy you want to give 200-250K.



I know America are behind the UK but its only 7 hours or so not a day :wink:


Last time Ramsey played regularly as central midfielder under Wenger was when Cazorla got injured.



Ozil and Ramsey double whammy in Jan then!

Looks like we’ll be forced to go out and spend in that case.


Ever Banega and N’Zonzi confirmed then


I know you’re joking but they’d probably suit our system better and raise the overall performance of the team on the pitch haha