Aaron Ramsey (8)


I didn’t say it was necessarily far out, tbf. My minor objection is him stating that we’ve lost out on such a specific sum of money as if that’s just a fact. It’s not, it’s pure speculation.


I think it has to do with the fact that Ozil has much bigger commerical value, even more now that we signed with addidas


That’s fair enough but I suppose the price tag the club put on a player is fairly speculative, especially when Man City are the buying club :grinning:


I get the point, but Mesut can always create something from nothing. He is more important than Ramsey.



We were offered those amounts for Alexis and Wilshere and that’s pretty much market rate for Ramsey and Welbeck.

And that’s 2/3s of Mbappe FFS


Me thinks he’ll sign a new contract , if he doesn’t then good luck elsewhere I certainly won’t lose any sleep over it .


To be honest, I am not so sure Mesut would have got that large contract had Emery been the manager. Somehow, Emery seems a heck of a lot more professional in his dealings with players. You don’t get that impression that he has any favourite players, maybe because he’s only been at the club for a few months or maybe because he is very pragmatic and result oriented in his approach. Of course, there is no way of knowing for sure but just going by how he has rotated players in the first team, whether it be Auba or Lacazette, or Mhki or Mesut or Ramsey, you get the feeling he doesn’t care too much about reputations and only cares about performances on the pitch.

As for Ramsey, I don’t think he will be missed at all.


I don’t buy that at all. With Ozil I think larger powers were at work anyway (Adidas).


Too late to sign. He clearly wants to leave on a free.


Ramsey and his agent must be rubbing their hands together thinking of the money they will get from the signing on fee they will get from his next club.
Which be be the money we should have got from his transfer fee.


That’s the reason why we need to sell him in january.


He wanted to sign a new contract with us… We withdrew it, that’s not his fault


It’s his fault for not signing it before it was withdrawn.


Sounds more like a u-turn from the club rather than Ramsey messing about though.


I think it’s both.


Perhaps, personally I don’t think it’s messing about to try and get the best deal you possibly can.


Yea how long was it agreed and unsigned? Didn’t happen overnight.

Did we not sell him in the summer because we had agreed the contract and he just strung us along the whole window? It’s definitely not as straight forward as those quotes suggest.


It’s ridiculous… you either had a legal agreement or you didn’t. Ramsey is being disingenuous at best imho.


Ramsey scrambling to ensure his PR is positive. The guy is a rat

You were offered a deal, you didn’t sign. Why should the club leave the offer open whilst you test the market?

Good move by the club not to get messed about in negotiations and drawn into a bidding war