Aaron Hickey

Exactly the kind of fullback we need, guy who can play both sides.

He’s playing at a good level in Italy already so hopefully he’s ready to contribute from day 1 when he arrives.


I’m an Ornstein / Fabrizio tweet away from moving this thing.


Similar profile of a singing like Tomiyasu, let’s just hope he has better luck with fitness issues.

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What news to see. Here we fucking go! :fire:

Whens the last time we had two Scottish players in the main squad? Back in the GG days?

This could be a really good signing. I’ve been impressed with him whenever I’ve seen him. Poor Bologna though. They create full backs and then we poach them. Wonder if him and Tomiyasu are mates?

Probably when we won our first double and we had McKlintock, Graham and Wilson who were all Scottish international players.

Have to say, Hickey sounds like a very good signing. Versatile, two footed, tenacious, pacey, with a good engine. Just hope he’s made of stronger stuff than KT.

yes, but with a couple of small differences, Tavares is decent in attack although not good enough to make the team purely on that, and second, he’s still young. But yes, he’ll most likely be loaned out.



We should have seen it coming, Fabrizio didn’t even bother to tapping it in. :sob:
Wheatley didn’t follow through either.

Reminds me of Claude Maurice in 2019.

I mean, we’re not going to lose out to Brentford. We’ll get him if we want him.

Tom & Jerry always gets a like from me

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Tell that Villa fans who think Buendianchose them over us(he kinda did but fuck them).

No worries here Italian news and the radio saying Hickey to Arsenal just about done

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Italian news are shit tbf. :rofl:
Unless Di Marzio confirms it’s all talk isn’t it?

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Don’t Brentford have enough Danish full-backs to sign? Stay away from our Hickey!

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Newcastle were also interested in him.
Tbf, coming here he may not get as much playing time as he wants.

Hopefully he’s up for the challenge, going from Scotland to Bologna at his age was ballsy.

No more shit than any other media outlets, I listen to Italian radio for most of my football news. If all of it was unreliable nobody would listen to it.

It was only just a dream…