8 out of 10 cats


I have out of touch with this show but every now & then I get a glimpse of its genius.
Gonna keep a track of it again.

Join me @Persona


Love me some Cats. :smiley:

Greg Davies as Chris Eubank.




Joe Wilkinson is my absolute favourite.


And ofcourse the ever classy & beautiful Rachel Riley


“I find you a bit scary anyway”



One of best moments on this show or any show for that matter


Ha! I watched that clip again just the other day. Sean Lock >>>> ALL. :joy:


I watched it for first time & was eating. Almost choked myself.


to me it says it is blocked in my country from channel 4 when i am in the uk, fucking twats…oh well.


Whenever you find that lock, Stick the youtube link in the search box on Tubeunblock. Sorted. :slight_smile:


Sean’s voice got weird.


He apparently has skin cancer. It would explain why he had some time away from the show last year I think? Not sure if that’s much of an explanation on his change of tone, it does sound off though.


bad voice or not, Jimmy proper timed that…:joy:
I love this show


Sean Lock ain’t even funny.


Shut it. Sean is a legend