3-4-1-2 formation


Just a 2-1 win against Middlesborough… barely win…
Too early to jack off.


christ. not young. i want to hate myself for even considering it.


No, it’s just Monreal who is past it, imo.


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If we signed Kolasinac, who looked more a defensive LB than an attacking one, we should really go with this system. It would compensate for Bellerin on the right.


Who would compensate for Wenger on the sidelines?


Sadly, no one. Still 2 more years of this shit :santi:


So, this is a keeper now then?


Give me Wenger’s job :ozil2:


Fair play to Wenger changing something finally and it working!!


First half we didn’t look good at all. Very awkward and the players just didn’t seem comfortable. Still has a lot of work to go for me to be convinced it’s right for us but if we utilise this, 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 then it’s the tactical variety we’ve been lacking for a while.


More a case of build slowly and see how the second half goes. Luckily we got the goal and relaxed and all of a sudden started looking like our old selves. Bizarre that this formation could actually work for us, especially having Chelsea change to 3 at the back because of us. Will be interesting to see how two teams with three at the back manage the game. Cup final gonna be interesting.