3-4-1-2 formation

As i said in the Ozil thread, it would be a good solution to go with 3 at the back, imo.


Koscielny Mustafi Holding

Bellerín Coquelin Cazorla Gibbs


Giroud Sanchez


Changing formation will solve all our problems because real football is the same as Football Manager.


I am not saying this, but we should at least try. Our 4-2-3-1 is outdated.

Wenger does not have the tactical nous to deploy such a system. He has no respect for balance.


Yep. Wenger doesn’t do formation changes.

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We are here to talk, as we are not Wenger :wink:

Like when he played 4-4-2 into 4-5-1 into 4-4-1-1 into 4-3-3 into 4-2-3-1, I don’t think 3-4-1-2 would be out of reach for him. Rather we don’t have the player material for it atm and it would take some time is my guess.

If you had the stamford fortress with a squad built for years by defensive-minded Mou, and an absolute expert on coaching it, you buy a defensive piece then yes maybe Conte can do it quickly and successfully with Chelsea. But for us? we have player material for the exact opposite, possession-based attacking football.

Ofc it could be done, but if Wenger did it in 2 weeks that would be absolutely remarkable (incl. our defenders), but maybe it would be more realistic if we bought some version of Bonucci + shifted out two other players next window and spent all summer practising it or something. Also what Leper said, changing formation doesn’t just solve everything anyway.

3 man defence. New-old hipster opinion to have.

Sign up quickly.

This hipster stuff is really boring. Having a discussion on a football board and expressing new ideas isn’t hipster. It’s part of what makes a discussion board.

I don’t agree with 3 at the back, but it’s an option a few people have expressed which is in no doubt down to the success Conte, Pep and other exponents of 3 at the back have had over the last few years.


Fair enough.

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Worth noting Wenger has employed many different tactics, formations and strategies.

We often went 3 at the back in possession when Arteta played DM; he would slot back and the full backs pushed upfield.

The problem is that Wenger just isn’t as good as or better than his peers anymore. Which I put down to not being ruthless.

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Wenger doesnt make changes to ANYTHING full stop. Same Play, same formation even if we dont have the players for playing in a particular formation he just puts square pegs in round holes…fucking hell he is still archaic with his subs…why does he INSIST on subs in the 70th minute when the game is in trouble or we have lost the game why not change it up when we have a chance but he sits there like a fucking lemon then does those changes at the end and makes it that we have no time to salvage anything he is miles to stuck in his ways that just doesnt fucking work.

What is worse though this is just what the fans can see, imagine how stale it is behind the scenes…same fucking training year in year out same playing style nothing new nothing edgy just same old shit every week nothing new being worked on (if they do sure as fuck dont see it on the pitch)


What is Bould’s role at Arsenal? It should be our “defensive coach”, being a former defender himself.

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Oh he almost certainly has. I remember the CL final run in particular. He had it in him but like you said later in your post (see, I don’t need to quote the whole post to address it :wink:) he isn’t as good as his peers anymore and that is ultimately where we struggle.

Yes he is. But the focus was pointed at Wenger (zZz) so I argued from that standpoint. But yes I think so. No idea how well he does or how him and Wenger divide the work load, we used to have shite at the back for many years, and since we replaced them we’ve been alright, hard to tell who gets the credit for that since I’m (we’re) not there on the training ground. I know who gets stick when things do not go well though lol

Individually it has been a good improvement, tactically not so much. But yesterday’s performance was more down to our midfield.

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Agree completely.

Playing Xhaka away from home is asking for trouble. Should have played Elneny.

Back three is an emergency tactic for a squad like us built on back 4 and only two men on midfield.

We are in an emergency, tbf.