3-4-1-2 formation


Score more goals winning 5-4 and it’s more entertaining for fans.


More entertaining for you maybe but some people don’t like conceding 4 times because ultimately it means you don’t have the defensive prowess to see out a title campaign.


We are now playing 4-2-3-1 and have 6 players dedicated to defensive job already, and still easily get caught and turn the ball over in our own end. What will happen if we are having one less player to defend?

I know what you mean, but I prefer something that Wenger/we are familiar with.
Wenger built this roster for his 4-2-3-1 and have most (if not all) in their natural positions.


Elneny and Coq is a no-no. Neither can distribute from deep. re-watch the few games they have played together, we struggle to find passes when they play together. we’re sorley missing Santi. Santi and Coq is the perfect match for us.
At least Xhaka can find some passes and take the ball forward. Xhaka’s problem is he needs time to fully bed in. we ain’t going to see the best from him till probably next season.


Make it 5-2 and I am with you.


Reality and Football Manager + Fifa are different things.

We haven’t the squad to build a tactic based with the 3 at the back. The last team capable to play with this tactic was the 2010/11 squad with Sagna, Koscielny and Vermaelen on defense, Eboue on the right, Clichy on the left - we can joke about everything, but 3-4-2-1 it’s only an excuse to not be catalogued as a manager with defensive attitude because this is a tactic based on five defenders - Song and Fabregas on midfield with Nasri and Arshavin behind Robin van Persie.

Now we haven’t the right players to play like Chelsea and other many teams in Europe. Bellerìn and Gibbs/Monreal can’t guarantee an immense work on the flanks, on midfield we’re too slow with Xhaka and Coquelin, too fragile with Elneny and Cazorla, too offensive with Cazorla and Xhaka and too uneffective with Coquelin and Elneny. Ramsey could be an option as half-winger on the right into a 3-5-2, but with this tactic I don’t know where Ozil could play: not striker and not winger for sure.


So basically a Zeman’s style of play, lol.


Yeah, this is an excellent breakdown. We don’t have the correct personnel for it. And we don’t have a manager who could coach certain players to be successful in positions the system entails either.


because he didn’t used this system in his career, like Conte with the back four at the start of the season with Chelsea.


Yeah it’s a completely un-Wenger like formation which is why I don’t believe it’s a solution.

I’d rather be went for a modified 4-4-2, a 4-3-3 or a 4-3-1-2 as these are systems that Wenger could traditionally get more success from.


Clichy can ‘guarantee an immense work on the flanks’, but Bellerin wouldn’t be able too? Come on now. A player like Matic isn’t known for his pace either, is he? Or Pirlo? Ozil could be deployed as a number 10 in a 3-5-2. It’s up to a manager to make it work.

To say that this squad, isn’t fit for a 3-5-2, or any other formation but 4-2-3-1 for that matter, is bullocks. With the lack of good wingers and the presence of multiple, at least, decent centre midfielders other systems would maybe make even more sense for this squad.


I think the problem with that is rather when we get a few injuries we’ll be worse off than we are now.

on a side note I’m convinced that Coq + Santi are the best CM pairing until Xhaka finds his feet. Also not sure if our defenders are tactically prepared to play 3 at the back without some time to adjust, it is different, Maxi pointed out several of my concerns.


Maybe its’ more entertaining for ‘neutrals’, and maybe once or twice in a season its’ exciting for genuine fans. But over the long-term, proper fans wouldn’t want the stress. When you have no confidence in your teams’ defence, there’s a limit to how good you can feel when your team is attacking well and even after they’ve scored goals. I remember a 3-3 draw at Fulham several years back where we twice conceded a 2 goal lead that really brought this home to me. Few things as tasty as a clean sheet.


Was that the game we also missed a last minute penalty to win it ?


Yes :facepalm:


Good point. We don’t have any proper winger. We just use attacking players on the wings. It’s a bit different.


I am a proper fan and I prefer attacking football. 1-0 wins are boring.


I don’t think being “a proper fan” has anything to do with it.


What even is the definition of a proper fan anyways?


I know but the person said proper fans wouldn’t want the stress of attacking football.