2024 General Election

Exactly this.

How can it be so obvious for everyone to see that the tories have blatantly profiteerd these last few years and made all their mates rich, whilst making the country and general public poorer. It’s fucking sickening.


It’s going to take at least 3 successive governments to undo all the bullshit their unelected prime ministers have done to this country. But this country won’t give anyone else a fair chance for long.

1 term isn’t enough, no matter who gets in power.

That will certainly be Labour’s line. Whilst continuing many Tory policies.


It’s not but also if everything is so bad it should be easy enough to start to turn it round inside 1 term and easily get re-elected.

I’m sure they’ll get at least 2 terms but they won’t do jack shit with it.


An incoming Labour Government will have a slowly recovering economy to benefit from and will no doubt take the credit.

At a meeting with a firm of lawyers in London last week, it was mentioned that a lot of private sector investment particularly in the building and housing sector is basically on hold until the economy and interest rates improve. Political paralysis is helping the economy stagnate.



I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t trust the polls at all.

Fingers crossed less than 100

When was the last time a YouGuv poll was actually reflective of the general public?

There’s no way Rishi will call for a general election. The tories will just keep riding the shitty wave, destroying the country as much as possible so it’s impossible for the next guys to make meaningful improvements.

Don’t think it really matters, if they don’t get a wipeout after the last decade they never will again.

Labour will get a big win now then next time round hold on but the gap will close. 3 elections from now is the real fight.

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And that will be labours excuse for doing fuck all

If they know what’s good for them, they better get their finger out this time.

I think the next election will be more than a 2 way race. The membership of the Conservative Party want to go in a Liz Truss direction and challenge Reform. So it’s the end of them and I can see more people backing the pro-EU Lib Dems next time round when they don’t have that huge twat Davey leading them.

Greens will also improve as a more climate-aware generation starts voting and some more old duffers who still think “Leaded” should be an option at the petrol pump, die out.

It’s never more than a two way race. Even in 2010 it was still a two way race, even if the Lib Dems had a rare chance to be the king makers in the end.

We’ll never have more than two possible winners under FPTP

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What’s with the SNP losing seats, some of the stuff they’re doing seems stupid but are they losing that much popularity among Scots?

Yes. Fuck the snp

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Unpopular leader, criminal investigations, underperforming government. I think we’d see different results in a Scottish Parliament election but this is a chance to give them a kick up the hole. Think they have a few high profile MPs not running too.


Also, the SNP aren’t traditionally this big are they? Before they wiped Labour out in 2015 they didn’t have anything like this much influence did they?