2024 General Election

Blair’s Labour was pretty much a broad church, certainly compared to Starmer’s. Blair ditched Clause IV and swung the party towards the centre, but he didn’t purge leftists like Starmer. Figures like Robin Cook and John Prescott were prominent members of his government. They didn’t try booting people like Benn, Corbyn etc out of the parliamentary labour party entirely.

I’d say that it worked out pretty well for Blair, the party and the country for quite a while.

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Starmer found the time to stay, Sunak could have too, and obviously should have. It wasn’t an “either/or” situation, he could have stayed and still conducted a pre-recorded interview with ITV, so no I don’t think this was a situation in which Sunak couldn’t avoid this sort of criticism. Sunak’s team were the ones who proposed this slot for the interview, not ITV, and they did so well in advance of the actual day, so there really are no excuses.

This was a monumentally dumb decision on his part. Even a rabid left-winger like Corbyn who has no love for western military stuff etc knew to properly respect these sorts of occasions. I don’t know how you make this mistake when a cornerstone of your election campaign is trying to appeal to rabid nationalists. It makes no sense.

I suppose at least Sunak didnt turn up looking dishevelled and still half cut from the night before, like Johnson once did on Remembrance Sunday, so he’s not been quite as disrespectful as his former boss.


Just when you think the conservative party couldn’t fall any further…

No matter how pathetic I think the actual criticism is, that’s an inspired piece of marketing.

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Tory candidate in my neighbouring constituency covering himself in glory here :joy:


I’m getting second hand embarrassment from the ‘increased costs under Labour’ ‘taxes are going up’ attack line from the Tories. No one is believing you.

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Wow! I’m speechless!

My Labour candidate was born in this millennium


General Election Rule No.1 - Keep the press onside.

Having already bundled a Sky News crew out of a “Press Conference” at the start of the campaign his team have told the press that he won’t be talking to them for a second day running this weekend.

Of maybe he’s just having another weekend off to fill-out his US green card application form.

It gets worse


What a fucking cunt. I’m so glad that Labour have an 82% chance of winning this seat according to the electoral calculus website.

In fact I found out from that very site that most seats are in play for Essex, mine is a potentially close one here in NE Essex. Colchester and Basildon also likely to fall to Labour, Chelmsford to Lib Dem.

Such ugly rhetoric, hope he doesn’t get away with it.



Why does he think this is a flex


Rough translation “Our parents prioritised spending £250k per year on our education”

What a horrible, soulless life he must have had. Privileged yes, but real life experience that makes us who we are, no.


It’s like he’s a parody the majority of the time

As.if he just isn’t real but the truly sad thing is he’s real and this is the person that has been cosplaying as leader of the country.


To be fair, there was some good stuff on Sky in the nineties. He missed out.

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This and Starmer mocking Corbyn’s manifesto that he was involved in creating and campaigning on.

Bring me to July 4th.

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They can’t help themselves. The bet will win him 500 quid.


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Shouldn’t he get a 30 game ban for that?