2022 World Cup


Could easily have been a penalty to Qatar there. Referee obviously didn’t receive his payment this morning.

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Would rather fall to the ground and try and win the pen than having a shot on goal


Kids stuff

Enough about Wales, I thought Iran did really well.


Qatar look like a team of players who won a Make A Wish competition.

Just seen the Wales result :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wales looked awful against USA, not surprised.
The pen was a lucky one and smartly won by Bale.

USA now get the reference from Wales not to underestimate Iran.

Btw, what an awful day for World Cup. Not to be disrespectful but the only match I’m looking forward to today is England v USA.

Ecuador v Holland should be good

Didn’t like what I saw from Netherlands last time. Ecuador are gonna play for the draw.
Has 0-0 written all over imo.

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Oh yeah. It’s a sideways game for sure.

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Qatar one goal behind? What a shocker.

2 now

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Qatar won’t be happy about this, especially with the Saudi Arabia win

Have been watching world cups since 98, with some snapshot memories of 94. Don’t remember seeing a host nation this embarrassingly bad.


I only look forward to Netherlands Ecuador :man_shrugging:t4:

Hard to figure out what’s more embarrassing, their on pitch or off pitch performance.

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That’s a good goal. Boys can play.

Qatar got their goal

I’ll believe it when I see it