2022 World Cup




Throw a fat baked potato in the mouth and shout something random, that will do.

Bellerin OUT btw

Nice introduction for Lampard here.


You’re determined to die on this hill

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Then Gareth comes here.:crazy_face:

Something for you to look forward to @shamrockgooner

Wow, I was just wondering how they could further delegitamise this qualifying tournament.


Not bad :xhaka2:

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How is he in any way Scottish?

The Southampton striker, 24, has been capped by England Under-20s but qualifies for Scotland through the grandparent rule.

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Fair enough. You’re welcome to our cast offs.

Though, if I were him, I’d have chosen to play for Antigua and Barbuda. Slightly more glamorous than Scotland :smile:

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He is :joy:

Have you seen our strikers? At least he scored in 2021 so far :joy:

2-0 Turkey.

Frank the Farmer failing miserably already.

3 0 vs Turkey 50 minutes.

Jesus that’s not good what’s happening ?

You got a good team out?

Tete? He doesn’t even always get into the Fulham starting XI :laughing:

Yeah that’s pretty bang average. And I have no idea who your left back is.

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4-2 now. Yilmaz hattrick