2019 Asian Cup

Brighton keeper Matt Ryan our hero saving 2 penalties in the shootout Round of 16 to give us a win over the might of Uzbekistan.


C’mon Australia! :wink:

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I hope South Korea win it via as many extra times as possible

Yep. Son being away as long as possible when spuds could really use him is the only real thing of note in this tournament.

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Hopefully they lose the final to us in extra time like they did in 2015.

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South Korea beat Bahrain in extra time.

Need goal clips here @Aussiegooner

Hahaha C’mon @Luca_from_Italy, it doesn’t matter what competition it is or if you have no interest in it, that’s still your job.





Two cups in less than 24 hours for the spud.

Great news for Tottenham, ah well.

I hope Qatar win it, the conspiracy theories would be legendary

Just watched the goals China conceded against Iran. Fucking lol! Not even in the Conference! :arteta:

We got tossed by UAE, quarter finals was about what I expected with the squad we have.

Great news for Spurs that South Korea went out earlier than expected :rage:.

No offence but losing to the United Arab Emirates at football is a bit embarrassing


Hahaha yeah I know, the fact it wasn’t overly surprising is pretty sad lol.

I don’t get overly worked up though, I care about club football 10 x more than international football.

UAE vs Qatar shit house final haha

Winner of Japan/ Iran will very likely win the tournament.

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Qatar win the Asian Cup I must say I didn’t see that coming, but who knows when it comes to the standard of football in the Asian confederation.

Well done, Qatar.