2018 FIFA World Cup


England just being total dicks now. Bad look.


I think he’s been the best player overall


Modric would still keep on running after the game.


Ffs hahahahaha whole tournament he’s been great but the minute I saw him sleeping for that goal I knew you’d be on here roasting him lol


England getting a hard dose of continental football.


Missing a goal from less than 5 feet isn’t a good look. He’ll win the golden boot, but from the pen spot. He’s no Gary Lineker. :wink:


I hope Croatian fans celebrate while jumping on Harry Potter books or James Bond DVDs


England have themselves to blame. Should have been over at half time


Good against farmers from Sweden and the like.


Modric and Rakitic. Ballers.


That miss would come back to haunt harry kane.


Perisic has been magnificent. By far the best performer today. England went flat after the first half.


For all the fuss about attack and defence, midfield will always be the most important position in football for me.


I live in America I celebrate a victory over England just by waking up every day.


Sure—a big what if. England was dominating and had a chance to bury it by the half.

Not over yet though…


The difference. This midfield of England lacks a proper fooballer. England should hope Sarri is going to make something of Loftus-Cheek,


They’re gonna do this now aren’t they ffs

Set piece abusers ffs


If you say that, what should I as an Indian say?


It’s funny because if this game happened in the R16 everyone would be complaining about “no creativity, grass roots football” etc but I suspect because it’s a semi final it’ll just be “aww didn’t they do well :heart:


Croatia find it difficult to close wins out.

We will get another chance…maybe :cry: