2018/19 Premier League Fixtures


4th place league?


Mustafi Mavros Holding
Bellerin Wilshere Ramsey AMN
Mhki Lacazette Auba

All these players have a full pre season working with Emery and would likely be pumped for the start of the season.

Bearing in mind city have De Bryune, Aguero, Jesus, Sterling, Gundogaan, Fernandinho, Silva, Komoany, Ottamendi, walker, stones, bernando silva all going.


Fitting our last game is Burnley away. Another last minute winner there to win the title :grin:


So its Arteta and Emery on day one then. Everyones happy.


Pathetic from the fucking PL! Just pathetic! Dirty cunts. Horrible start.


The PL is corrupted.


Man, twitter will be LIT when the season starts :arteta:


Lol ffs what an opening two games that is!


We’re capable of beating Chelsea away. City however… at least Emery is a lot more tactical than Wenger and will at least have a gameplan in the first 2 games


Emery has never beaten Pep. That’s over 10 games to boot.

Gotta continue our record of having managers incapable of beating our rival managers.


Emery has always had a much inferior team to Pep tbf


We’re due to smash City and as you guys have said, Emery is due a win over Pep Cuntiola. It’d be a big win.

Conversely, Chelsea are due a win against us.

We’ll win the first game but lose the second


It’s almost good to get them out of the way right away and then we can hopefully build momentum with a run that looks favorable up until December


You can’t really expect that he would’ve beaten him managing Valencia against the best Barca sides ever


But that’s illogical because smaller teams beat Barca and Real in la liga with much inferior teams that didn’t have Silva, Villa and Mata.


Cheer the fuck up cristo ffs! :joy: World Cup about to start and we will soon start an exciting new era.


True, but check the context, those games were actually very competitive with Pep at least.

Also Barcelona back then had basically the best team ever, and Real Madrid got 100 points one season so you can’t completely hold it against him.

Although it is worrying to an extent all the same.

His bag games as PSG manager were pretty shit too tbf
At least he has the Liverpool, benfica and whoever else finals and the Valencia EL semi in the Europa.


Indeed. 0 points after 2 games. That’s it. FUCKING DIRTY CHEATING PREMIER LEAGUE!


Woah just seen the news. The PL have us playing City again this year? Twice?! The corruption fuckers.


Sorry, but it has never happened to play two big clubs in the first 2 games. That’s pathetic! Gonna be 6 points behind the leader after just 2 games :facepalm:. Pathetic.