2018/19 Premier League Fixtures


I guess we get to end Pep’s unbeaten season before it even starts. Looking forward to it :smiling_imp:


Our players will be fresher than theirs…

Easy win :sunglasses:


Rather tough games early, get em out of the way.


City and then Chelsea

Testing Emery from the off



Imagine Emery takes 4 points from the opening 6 after all Wenger’s big game bottling in the last 8 years or so :joy:


To be fair basically city’s entire first 11 except sane is at the World Cup right? Decent time to play them all things considered.


Brighton away on Boxing Day… :snowman_with_snow: Sorry folks.


That’s great opening games for us.
It gets them out of the way, and the pressure will be on Man City, and especially Chelsea who are at home, to do well against a club who finished below them.

It also means we will be the first game on MOTD, unless it’s a boring 0-0 draw, which it won’t be.


Being on MOTD first, for us, usually means we’re about to see some You’ve Been Framed worthy clips.


If we had Wenger, I’d be bricking these first 2 games.


Thanks for jinxing it you prick


Telling you this is fixed. Hype of new manager vs hype of 100 pts champions. Global viewing figures through the roof with this one.


Got the opening game right :grin::grin:


I’m not liking those opening 2 games at all.

You want Emery to chalk up a few wins early on and also gives the team some time to understand his tactics / system etc. before coming up against the best team in the league.

If we lose our first game, the fucking knives will be out and Emery will be under pressure straight away.


Early end to Emery’s career at Arsenal :joy:

Lose to Man City and Chelsea and it’s over for him, nevermind there’s just been a World Cup and we’ve had no pre season for our brand new manager to work with the team


No excuses nearly all Man City’s 1st team are playing at the world cup, 1st game at home is probably the best time to face them.


That’s a horrendous start ffs. Ideally it would be better to get some momentum behind the coach and team with a few easy wins.


Very winnable run of games after those 2 openers. I think we might surprise a few people in those first two games as well.


By my calculations, Crystal Palace at home on April 20 is the day we’ll be celebrating winning the league


4/20 blaze it bitches!!