2018/19 League Cup


Nottingham and West Ham up.
2-0 West Ham.
3-0 West Ham and 2-0 Nottingham.

1-0 West Ham

2-0 West Ham

3-0 West Ham

What a weird goal for Forest lol!


3-0 Nottingham.


Liverpool should be winning, but Sturridge had other ideas…


4-0 West Ham.


Spurs 0-1 Watford :slight_smile:


6-0 West Ham


either west ham are playing a blinder or macclesfield are garbage


Probably the latter but hopefully the former. I want them to be on one when they play Man United on Saturday. Inflict more pain onto José :grin:



Liverpool up as well.


7-0 :slight_smile:


fucking hell, i think West ham have found the weetabix


4-0 West Ham

5-0 West Ham

6-0 West Ham

3-0 Nottingham

Poor Macclesfield. 7-0

1-1 Chelsea




Chelsea up now. 8-0 West Ham.

2-1 Chelsea. Fuck me! What a goal!

8-0 West Ham


Hazards got the whole league SHOOK


Absolutely brilliant from Hazard. Beat about 4 players! He’s the best thing in English football at the moment.


meh iwobi is better




Man, looking at the highlights, Hazard truly just had his way with Moreno there.

Poor guy got violated, Hazard took him one way, then took him the other.


Penalty Tottenham and Watford down to 10 men. 1-1 Lamela.