2018/19 League Cup


Higuain debut?


Think I read somewhere they’d missed the deadline


Let’s hope Giroud can do the business.
If he plays he is bound to get a goal.


Spurs are losing the final thought.



Scenes if Eriksen gets injured in this game and they lose a key player for the third game running


Pedro should have scored here.


Any streams?


Their lineup actually isn’t at all bad considering the 3 they’re missing upfront


David Luiz looks badly injured. He can barely walk.
Chelsea looking good atm.


That’s what our defenders look like every week, he’ll be fine :smile:


You are so funny :bellend:


Fatty fucker in the stand.


Who do we want to win in the ‘Shitbag Derby’?

shitbag derby (noun) any permutation of West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur or Chelsea playing against one another


Chelsea, albeit they look toothless.


Spurs look as good as they did against us at the Emirates in the previous round.




Must try and resist celebrating a Chelsea goal out loud but I enjoyed that one


Easy, Chelsea. I think Man City will beat whoever wins this anyway, but can’t take the risk of Spurs adding a trophy to their already vast collection :poldi:


Its simple who ever plays Tottenham has my support for 90 minutes

Celebrated that Kante goal like one of ours