2017 FIFA Confederations Cup


Best players have to go first in penalty shoot outs. Ronaldo won the CL for Real in 2016 being the last penalty taker, but he didn’t get a chance to take one vs Spain in 2012. It’s too big a risk with someone who’s very good at penalties.


You mean to say you have more than one? :wenger:

Congrats btw. I love watching Chile play football. Such a fucking passionate team.


No such thing as a summer holiday for Chile. Get your bets on for the World Cup next year…



Bravo, Bravo :clap::clap::clap:


Germany-Mexico should be a better game than yesterday’s. Many talents on the field.


Goretzka!! :boom::boom:


That was some goal by Germany! What a move! Everything was done at a very high speed.
Another fine goal. Germany looks so good!


Goretzka, Mahrez and Lacazette? :mustafi:


Can’t see Mexico coming back into it, as they have shown to be very soft at the back.



Goretzka, Lemar & Mbappé :smirk:


Easy 2-0 at HT for Germany.


Ochoa, lol!
Mexico wastes a good counter here.


How is that not a penalty!?!?


Hector to Werner. Easy tap-in and 3-0.
Nice save by Ter Stegen. Mexico deserves a goal at least. They haven’t played that bad.
Chicarito and his backheel :arteta:
OMG! GOAL OF THE YEAR! Mexico pulls one back!
FIFA action here. So easy for Germany. 4-1.
So Germany-Chile in the final. Should be a good one.


The 2 finals today.


Foul from Marquez and penalty to Portugal thanks to VAR. Saved!
Fucking hell! Nani misses a free header in the box.
Nice save by Rui Patricio.
Portugal lacks the killer instinct up front, as usual.
0-0 at HT. Portugal has been the better team.


Mexico takes the lead.
1-1! Right at the end!
Pizzi off.
Another penalty to Portugal. 2-1.
Quaresma close to the 3-1. Deflected.
OMG this free kick from Portugal! So crap!
Pepe so clumsy here. Could have been penalty to Mexico.
Portugal finishes third.


C’mon Chile!
Nice link-up play from Chile here, but it was offside.
Chile dictating the game atm.
Chile needs to convert this possession into chances and goals.
Last-ditch header from Chile’s defence to prevent Kimmich from scoring here.


Chili have been dominant so far, Germany non-existant.

Now Germany scored LOL


Well deserved! :henry2: