2017 FIFA Confederations Cup


OMG! What a mistake at the back! 1-0 to Germany!


LIAR! Chile was all over you and Alexis missed a great chance before you scored :hipster:


Of course my statement was not ironic at all. Just like this one. :grinning:


So Germany to conquer Poland and Russia again :facepalm: :grimacing:. History repeats itself :grimacing:


Germany is gonna win this comfortably.
1-0 Germany HT.


What an incredible depth of talent that Germany have. Whatever they did post-2004 turned out to be a miracle


Not as good as Englands Talent pool though :henry2:


Germany finding so much space on counter.
Germany close to the 2-0.
As expected, Chile has run out of fuel in the second half.


AHAHAHAHA, yellow!




How can you watch this shit several times and not show a red? FFS!


I’m not convinced with the VAR tbh.


Scenes at the ref going to watch it himself and only books him :joy:


Loool that’s actually ridiculous


So you use VAR to help the referee and the result is that he is more confused after :grimacing:


Maybe he is just a bought cunt like the guy from the u21 final. :grinning:


Vargas should have scored here.
Chile has come to life again. Sanchez dived a bit here.


I agree with Glen Hoddle :grimacing:

Why does the referee need to look at the replay? Trust what your assistants are telling you.


Can on.


Boost for Chile as Germany bring on a donkey.