2017/18 League Cup



I think Spurs could do with a few cans of Carabao…


Chelsea go through.
Yes! Well-done West Ham!


Wow, amazing that.


lovely Spurs lose!


A blow for Spurs as even though its only the League cup they could do with some sort of trophy as reward for how well they have played over the last 24 months.


That almost sounds sympathetic.


Get out!

I thought the draw was tonight, but it’s not until tomorrow afternoon.


That’s pretty annoying, hopefully we avoid Manchester x 2 & Chelsea.


spuds will be able to focus pretty much on the league now i reckon they will end up finishing 2nd again. I really hope they bottle all competitions as per usual.


Chelsea in a cup game is our bread and butter.



I hope we dont get west ham. Theyre long overdue a win against us.


Why is the fucking draw at 4pm tomorrow? Such a pointlessly random time. This cup is such a joke.

Don’t really care who we get as its the league cup


1976 Bristol city first game back in the top flight was at Highbury. They won 1 0 as well.


Wtf is this post aussie? You fucking scum supporter in disguise. No they don’t fucking deserve shit they have a bottling cunt of a manager and team. Wenger actually wins shit cause he’s a boss. Poch is a fraud who hasnt won shit. So no fuck them they haven’t done anything of note but bottle shit when the pressure is on they don’t deserve a god damn thing.


Don’t worry @Arsenal4thetreble I do find that part of it amusing, the fact they are currently clearly better than us yet we still manage to win things and they don’t.


Hope to get Bristol away. It would be a great draw.


Wouldn’t mind Man Utd.


It would be a good draw if I was in the UK and could have a night out in Bristol, but I’m not so I will take Bristol at home thanks.