2017/18 League Cup


Cup draw live from Bangkok. Which is funny because there was a monumental kok-up in the draw. Charlton drawn twice…no-one noticed. :giroud3:


2016-17 League Cup

Fed up with the F.A. Cup. Let’s win this cup! :giroud3:


^^^ looks Like Luca has a new fave emoticon!


@Persona has launched this new trend :giroud3: :xhaka: :hipster:


I was hoping you wouldn’t ruin another smiley for us Luca :xhaka:

@Persona Made your post into a new thread, not sure why you didn’t just do that in the first place :gunnersaurus:


man this trophy is even more tin pot now. Look at the state of it. Hope we go out early


Charlton to win both of those


@Mysty, you are always sneaky towards me :xhaka: :hipster: :wink:


Charlton better hope they play against themselves next round


at least if they don’t win the first match they have another shot at making it into the next round :wink:


Was that an error just on the graphics or were there literally to of the same balls in the pot??


It starts today.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:12, topic:1563, full:true”]
It starts today.
[/quote]And yet no reports on the almighty clash between Forest Green Rovers vs MK Dons, not good enough Luca :laca:


Grimsby v Derby abandoned due to bad weather. In August! :laca:


I am in Seville, you pudding :laca:


No big shock today. Only Preston get knocked out.


Bristol City have made a gif of each player celebrating. And then they tweet it when they score. Hope it catches on :smiley:




Think Arsenal do the same :wink:


Charlton getting through is all I care about


I can see Sunderland getting knocked out, as they are in turmoil atm.