2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Confirmation that the US suck at sports


Now at sports as well. :disappointed:


US - A nation. China - A nation. European Union - 28 nations. Fair comparison.



This is fucking comedy gold right here!


EU= .000000639 medals per habitant
U.S.= .000000379 medals per habitant
China= .0000000515 medals per habitant


Europe r0x
U.S. meh, lots of $$$ to invest in sports but too many fatsos/ Trump supporters
China too good at math, burping, and spitting to be bothered about sports


You can fuck right off to the US. No wonder you Englanders want the Brexit.


There’s always something wrong with them :bellerin:


Olympic funding for Tokyo cut by a couple of million, but in particular you have examples of a sport that met its increased medal target and has now had its funding slashed to NOTHING (badminton) vs a sport that met its single medal target and has increased funding…

I really feel like Rio was the high watermark and there could be quite a reversal in Tokyo, other than with the cycling dominance.