2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


I think Horn cocked up a little bit.
Meanwhile, we got a bronze in men’s water polo :smiley:
First German hits the bar with Bender, then Weverton makes a great save.


3rd fucking crossbar.


Ze germans so unlucky. I am sorry for them :santi2: :campbell:
Well done to Serbia in men’s water polo! Deserved gold medal for them. They were just a class above everyone else.
Brasil-Germany goes to ET.



Don’t think Max Meyer is just another Marco Marin

This kid is good


You really watch this game, where he loses every single ball he gets, is way too slow in every single decision and think he’s good? Well…


[quote=“Electrifying, post:400, topic:449, full:true”]
Tom Daley is a lovely guy i’m sure, but he is a bit of a fraud isn’t he?
[/quote]How do you mean Elect?

Not seen so much of the games today, saw bits of the Women’s Trialthon and watched the Women’s Mountain Bike race, which was good fun.


Klostermann has some serious pace, like the look of him. Is he a LB by trade or a CB?

Luan has been super impressive as well.




RB. Süle is the genuine article as well. 6`5, built like a tank, fast, good on the ball, calm…doesn’t get much better than him and Jonathan Tah in that age group.


Ginter scores. Renato Augusto converts his penalty as well.
Lucky Serge. 2-1 for Germany. Marquinhos makes it 2-2.
Brandt takes a very good penalty. Rafinha 3-3.
4-3 Germany. 4-4 with Luan.
Petersen misses it! And Neymar wins gold medal for Brasil!


seriously the least important international tournament in the world. They want the olympic games for this thing.
Bit sad Brazil as a sporting nation. Feel like theyve missed out on the whole reason of the olympics tbh.


Always a risk when you’re the last man up, I remember Ronaldo in euro 2012 :joy:

Still surprised how much a football gold means to Brazil. It’s something they’ve always wanted to win but no one else really puts as much value on it. Nice that they finally won it though.


Yeah, as discussed in MDC, I’ve watched almost all of Germany’s tournament, and Meyer has been really unimpressive.

Fell asleep for a bit during the match and have just woken up and they’ve got rhythmic gymnastics on. Very confused. This Carolina Rodriguez has some fantastic legs but in what moment do you decide: ah, now this is what I want to dedicate myself to, dancing with miscellaneous objects.


Maybe she was really naughty as a teen and therefore grounded a lot? Boredom does horrible things to people. Take me - I became an Arsenal fan, blissfully unaware at the time of the pain this would cause one day. :wenger2:


And as for the Brazilians: Worst audience ever at Olympic Games. I hope their country is so broke after the games, the state has to confiscate all their gold medals, including Neymar’s, melt them down and sell the ingots at a very, very low price to some Saudi sheikh who paves his driveway with them!


Now it’s Mo time!


Top bloke, well deserved.


Another Gold for Mo and another Bronze in another relay race for the girls. Great way to round up the final night of the Athletics. We’ve now surpassed our total number of medals from London :slight_smile:


Was a bit concerned for Mo before last nights race. Bloke just went to another level producing his fastest lap of the year at the bell.
Deserves every accolade and award coming his way. Top bloke as a man and athlete.


Well happy for Mo, such a legend.