2016/17 Season Predictions

  • Champions (One can dream)
  • Runners up
  • 3rd place (Automatic CL spot)
  • 4th (Bring on the top 4 trophy)
  • 5th Europa League
  • 6th
  • 7th-10th
  • 11th or lower

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It’s that time in the year once again to make your predictions for the season ahead.

So, where will we finish in the League? And what will we manage in the cup competitions? Will keep the poll open until the end of the month.

BBC have done their usual predictions. They have us in 4th place, behind Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea.

Even the analysis of how our season will pan out sounds like the usual dreary predictableness.

How do you even start to work out Arsenal?

The temptation is to simply put them in the top four because they always finish there.

No chance of the title, but they always seem to win enough games to keep qualifying for the Champions League. Granit Xhaka’s arrival from Borussia Moenchengladbach for a reported £35m will add steel to midfield.

Manager Arsene Wenger will need to reach for the chequebook to buy class in attack and in central defence. If he does, the outlook may be brighter. If he doesn’t, expect more of the same - or even less.

And will be that be enough in the final year of his contract?

Fourth place prediction…but with doubts and with fingers crossed.

Most of the pundits on the footie show of note here (espnfc) have said we’ll finish second, with one of them saying we’ll finish fifth behind the scum lol. Their logic is we can’t win the league with Giroud up top.

For me we’re winning the treble fuck everyone else.


I predict us third.

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It’s really hard to say right now. There are more unknowns this season I think then any other season i can remember. How good are the Manchester clubs? How good is Chelsea? Will Leicester replicate? Will Spurs not collapse this season? What will Klopp do with a Liverpool side he’s now had just under a year with? Then there are teams like West Ham and Everton. Feels like there is a lot happening this season.

I’m not particularly confident this season, we were a midtable side for large parts last season. Really fucking shit.

Title? No chance imo. I’m just kind of hoping some stuff falls together for us a portion of the season and dosnt for some of our rivals so we at least finish top3. Then hope for a good cup / European (it’s bound to happen eventually) run.

Right now I’d vote third behind the Manchester clubs. But really I’m slightly worried about achieving even that.

Edit: the transfer window is also massive.


4th. (Hello old friend it’s been a while)

Hopefully we can win a cup.

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4th, probably with some headaches along the way but with a decent margin come the end of the season. Spurs can’t be really good two years in a row, Liverpool will destroy teams (maybe even us on day 1) but not for 38 games.

City will be great, United will be efficient at getting points. Conte will improve Chelsea and an improved Chelsea is better than us, but we won’t really know until the window shuts.

Clicked in haste…should have waited till end of transfer window.

You can change vote until it closes :slight_smile:


It’s too tough to say at the moment with the transfer window stil open tbh. We’ll probably finish someway off the clubs from Manchester. Then I guess it’ll be a battle for 3rd and 4th with Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs.

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3rd at absolute best. Prove me wrong you fuckers!!

Battle for third/fourth spot. But buying a proven striker could make the difference.

11th or lower :henry2:

Think it’s only the second time I’ve voted 5th. We really don’t know and can never know, but I think it’ll be close between 4th and 5th. My worry is not so much the squad, but more the heavily declining performances and cohesion of Wenger’s team. His game management has been scarily average in recent times and his lack of innovation and interesting experimentation is not inspiring. He doesn’t counter our weaknesses with a different approach until he is forced to by suspensions and injury. He just isn’t ahead of the game, he sticks with the same formation, team and approach in every match in every competition apart from the odd few curveballs. Last two seasons we started playing a terrible brand of football with no identity whatsoever. Then at the end of it all he refuses to fix the problems and they never go away. We won’t get away with all forever. This time I wouldn’t even complain given the general approach of this club. Our owners and manager are not preparing for any season any more.


You get a like and 3 thumbs up for the optimism mate :+1: :+1: :+1: BUT you get a thumbs down for your choice in the poll :-1:

Without trying to be too pessimistic, head says i have no idea where we’ll end up. heart says we’ll win the league and the CL and Wenger will retire in style.

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I’ve put us for 5th but IF we sign a WC striker and a quality CB then i reckon we will get top 4

I’ve put us as 3rd. Can’t see us finishing any higher than that, very fortunate to finish 2nd last season. Competition for top 4 places will be incredibly fierce this season, but top 4 is always our thing.

However it’ll more than likely be the same old story we’ve witness over the last few seasons. We’ll no doubt have one really good half of the season and one crappy half. Never seem to be able to put two together.

If we sign Mustafi and a high-quality attacker, then I like our chances of winning the title as much as anybody. We had the best team in the league by many advanced metrics last year, and were hurt by injuries in midfield and to Sanchez, poor finishing (mainly from Sanchez, Walcott, Ramsey, and Ox - Giroud was actually pretty good overall), and a real weakness at CB. Midfield is going to be much better, if we sign Mustafi we’ll have potentially our best CB partnership in a long while, and some reversion to the mean in the finishing of players like Sanchez plus the addition of another attacker with goals in him would be huge.

I don’t think there is any single favorite this year so why not pick us (assuming the signings are made, which may not happen)? Football is more fun if you allow yourself to hope and dream a little.

Reverse jinx?

I’m making no predictions, but I figure Arsenal has as good a chance of winning it as anybody. It looks to be wide open again this year (although I agree with Ranieri that there’s probably more chance of aliens landing in London than of Leicester winning it again – but then I’m a dedicated Doctor Who fanatic, so aliens landing in London seems a common occurrence to me).

The Usual Suspects (United, City and Chelsea) have all bought some good players, but I’m not convinced they’ve filled all the holes they need to fill. Each still has some weak points. Plus, it may take some time for the new managers to settle into their clubs and get used to the players (and vice versa). Personally, I’m an admirer of Conte and I’ll be interested in seeing how he adapts his system to the English game. I expect Liverpool to be up there too, although I’m not sure their defense will be good enough. But I’ve always loved Klopp. Mourinho can go to Hell. I wish there were a chance in Hell that he could get United relegated (then again, he did his best at Chelsea last year, didn’t he?).

As for Arsenal, if they can sign Mustafi or some other good center back, I think they’ll have as good a defense as anybody, especially with Xhaka bringing that steel to the midfield that’s been missing for awhile. He should give Ramsey or Cazorla or whoever he’s partnering the security to go forward. And I wonder if Wenger will pair Xhaka and Elneny (who has a fan in me) against certain teams? Arsenal’s midfield is really second to none in England. Another striker would be nice as well. That world class galactico that everyone wants would be great, but just an alternative to Giroud to bring something a little different will be fine. If not, I think there’s enough there if everyone can stay reasonably healthy (which is always the big setback, it seems).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.


I’m honestly not worried about our defence, I don’t think it was ever a major concern. I don’t know much about Mustafi but he seems like a quality defender and with Xhaka our defensive shape look much better.

My main issue for this season is goals, We need more players to score more and we need to be more dangerous in the final third. I don’t think the solution is as simple as ‘buy a new striker’. I want 3 players in the squad to score at the very least 13+ league goals.

Alexis is capable of 20 league goals from the flank imo, Ozil is capable of 10+.