2016/17 FA Cup

The FA Cup third-round draw is live on the BBC on Monday evening, as Premier League and Championship teams enter the action for the first time.

The draw, which will be made by former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright, can be seen on BBC Two at 19:00 GMT.

Barrow, who upset League One Bristol Rovers, are among the non-league sides hoping to land a lucrative tie.

The 32 third-round ties will be played across the weekend of 6-9 January 2017.

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Dont care what anyone says it’s a good trophy to win and makes a season successful winning it.


I’m sure that’s what LVG told the United higher ups lolz.

Agreed. Don’t let the hipsters convince you otherwise. :slight_smile:

No one is saying they wouldn’t want to win it though. Obviously winning the FA cup is better than winning nothing at all. The point many were making was just that winning the league is a better way to judge a team’s quality. Winning both would obviously be the ideal.

I don’t think that was disputed at all. People just seem quick to piss on any sort of positivity.

Oh you won an FA Cup? Not quite a league title is it

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It’s not though is it? Don’t get me wrong, I love the FA cup and throughly enjoyed our last 2 wins, particularly the first one, what with it being our first trophy in a while and I’ll enjoy it again if we were to win it this season – I hope we do. But no one is going to take us seriously again until we get that league title.

Though I do agree about people being far too negative about it. There seems to be an incredible media bias too. It was not a proper trophy when we won it, but become one again last season when Man United won it.


No need to constantly state the obvious though because no one has ever assumed otherwise.

The cup is still the 2nd best domestic title we can possibly win however and it’s needless to play it down at every turn, when after all the baron years, we should be celebrating and cherishing it.

For the most part, our fans do just that!

Important trophy, not like the Champions and the Premier, but remains important. I want to win again.

:smile: for the most part!

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It used to be like that 5 years ago. Nowadays it appears to be more like:

Win = reluctantly admit it was better than not horrible but it doesn’t matter for x/y/z reasons anyway
Draw = everyone is shite bar flavour of the month player, Wenga out, and far out this time
Loss = collective meltdown, spazz out in fallout shelter over inevitable armageddon

Jokes aside United won the FA cup last year equaling our 12 wins. We need to get on top of that again, because fuck United, that could be the specific reason we should all want to win the FA cup this year, differences aside.


^^ Presumably you lot hold the exact same attitude towards the League Cup then…if not, why not?

As for the draw tonight, Tottenham away please.

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Oooooh yes that would be a good draw.

It’d at least make for an interesting game.

GSTQ, Abide With Me… Team walking up those Wembley steps. Long shot view of Arsenal captain lifting the cup to great applause. I love the FA Cup personally. But naturally, PL & CL are greater priorities.

Hull would be nice…


Draw on BBC2 now.

Preston North End away.

Could be better could be worse. It’ll probably be freezing up there.

Yawn! Should be a solid win.

None of the ties are standing out so far.