13 Reasons Why

Anyone watched this? I binged it over Easter weekend and fuck me.

So an american high school girl commits suicide and makes 13 tapes, each outlining a reason(a particular person) who made her do it and sent it to these people to listen to. One of the people is this guy who had a crush on her and it starts when he gets the tapes.

FFS it’s a fucking tv show lads, what else would it be??? It’s on Netflix lol.

Here’s a trailer


I haven’t seen this, but this is ‘entertainment’???

Getting @Trion vibes for some reason… what did the tape say mate.


I wish I had seen how you originally phrased this thread Elect lmao.

I’m so disappointed that a scot would spend his weekend binge watching a teen drama instead of getting drunk and/or hunting dragons.


the same post without just the last 2 lines added plus the trailer

So you aren’t going to kill yourself?

Nah that’s still happening.

You’re deffo getting a tape. Right after @Persona

If I still had my old Sony Walkman I’d listen and avenge your death. Part of me thinks it was because of Persona since he got the first tape, another part of me thinks it’s because you were born in Scotland, in which case I’d probably kill myself too.

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Wait so some bitch killed herself and then sent tapes to people saying you made me do this?

Fuck that attention seeking whore.

Also, fuck you too @Electrifying if you send me any tapes.

P.S. Don’t kill yourself x


Tbf most of the tapes were justified. In any case lads, pls watch it is a really good show.

Thanks for the edit you made at 4:40 am in my part of the world. I’m glad that I can see now that it’s just some Netflix drama thing. Otherwise it’s a WTF moment. You just never know with TV nowadays.

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A couple of people have recommended it to me before this. Watched the first two episodes last night, it’s definitely got potential even though the high school setting is a bit jarring for adult viewers.

I watched the entire season in only two days. Very good, I’m satisfield but I don’t understand if a second season (they have announced that) will have a sense).

However, I’m in love with Katherine Langford (Hannah).

Got to the end this morning. I could see a point in a second season, there’s still a story to tell about the fallout and particularly

What comeuppance Bryce may or may not get - I was struck by the similarity to the Brock Turner case in real life. It’s remarkable (or perhaps, more concerningly it isn’t) how rich, athletic students get away with murder in American schools and colleges.

Read a couple of reviews and articles on the show and it seems to be getting a pasting from mental health groups who seem to be saying that it’s suggesting that suicide can be an answer, although I thought it was quite clear that she had other options, and particularly when

It actually showed her suicide, which I didn’t think it would, it was quite clear that there was nothing good or glorious about it.

I thought that it was pretty clear throughout that Hannah’s view of her own life and options wasn’t very clear (unsurprising as she’s a 17 year old girl) and that all the characters, including her, could and should have done something to change the outcome.

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It seems interesting.

Try Sweet/vicious this onrd about rape…

Just finished watching the show and I thought it is definitely worth it for the ending and the message it delivers but that the show struggled a bit throughout with some of the characters it showed and with how the pacing wasn’t always the best.

I also really hope that this is the end of the show as it is. I know there are some follow up stories that could be told but it’s probably better to just leave it this way and not take anything away from what has been told.


Without her at the centre of it all I don’t think any of those other characters have anything interesting to follow up on for another season.

Not sure why people are complaining, it has a lot of messages and suicide being an option isn’t really one of them. Well at least cutting your wrists, that shit looked nasty. I think it’ll raise a lot more awareness of spotting signs in people that need help and asking for help if you’re desperate than it’ll inspire elaborate suicides.

I thought it was pretty nicely done. It’s a slow descent over a year from being confident to insecure. Where it’s from her opinion you can see she glazes over some of the times she’s clearly being stupid.

The only thing that really annoyed me was it took him a year to listen to the tapes and after every one he’d go and be a bitch about it to someone but not bother to get the full story.


Season 2 is a pile of shite.