The Randomly Nothing thread


Our English players seem to ‘get’ these videos more than our foreign players do tbh


Ozil and Gabriel always seem to be the least comfortable


I can tell watching Ozil in that vid he had better things to do :joy:


he didn’t really want to assist them


Is Ozil going to even be in Sydney ? Hopefully considering I booked my flights yesterday.


The Iwobi and Xhaka London slang vid is still the best vid they’ve created


absolutely staggering how people in London find it acceptable to walk onto a train, with zero consideration as to how many people there may be behind them also trying to get on.

Move it you fuckers.


And the cunts that feel its necessary to start barging onto the train before giving a chance for passengers to get off.


Imagine that, lol. I wonder how our English players would do if they were playing in Spain and they were asked to do a Colombian accent, or Argentine, or Mexican.


ah the utter utter worst. Standing in the way of the doors so people have to leave single file.


I dreamt last night that I was in Barcelona to visit my mate who lives there IRL. I was meant to be meeting him outside the Sagrada Familia but I couldn’t get hold of him so I just went for a wander.

I kneeled down to tie up my shoe laces and as I moved to stand back up I accidentally bumped my head against Gabby Logan’s arse. She was furious and started accusing me of sexual assault. I vigorously defended myself and managed to convince her I was a good guy. We then went back to her place and had a few drinks. We started making out and I was down to just my pants when I needed a wee, so I popped to the loo. When I came back her mum, who in my dream has dementia, was in her flat and expecting dinner, so sex was off the menu. I then remembered that I had a girlfriend and ran out of her apartment onto Las Ramblas still only in my pants.

Then I woke up.




I’ve never known an English person say “making out” before :laughing: Good story tho


Did you have a smoke before bed?


And there was me thinking my dreams were weird :grin:


Quite the opposite in fact. Haven’t been smoking for about a week because I’ve started a new job and am trying to break the student habit of doing so daily. When smoking regularly I never have lucid (*vivid!) dreams, this is my first one in months and months, and it was an absolute corker haha


Are you sure it was Lucid? Please tell me you mean vivid.


You’re quite right haha, I totally meant vivid


America, those culturally hegemonic assholes!


Hegemonic is a great word.