The Randomly Nothing thread


What’s the difference between lucid and vivid?


Lucid is knowing you are dreaming while you are dreaming, which is as awesome as it sounds.

Vivid is just a clear recollection i believe.


I’m ninety percent sure Jake meant lucid, he told me in private he trained himself to lucid dream so he could go around head butting ladies bums.


That does sound like Jake tbh.


Wow, that sure blows my David Beckham dream into the waters @JakeyBoy :joy: Amazing.


I bet she’s absolute filth as well.


Nevermind Jakes milf fetish. Goku vs Jiren this weekend. :henry2:




Calling all rum drinkers :wave:

I need a good rum recommendation! For people who like/drink/know about rum. Preferably in less than 5 minutes :grimacing::+1:



Cheers, Saw that one! Like the name. Went for the Captain Morgan Gold Spiced in the end


I like this one, and it feels like something out of Harry Potter too


Giant Octopus > Pirate.


Evra might be an ex Utd player but he’s fucking hilarious on Instagram.

“I LOVE THIS GAME” :joy::joy:


I must admit that the one with him singing Three Little Birds was pretty fucking funny


He’s also a racist bastard.


Not even 1st April. Or The Onion…:giroud3:


What’s your price range. Do you want a sipping rum, white non aged for mixing? Spiced? Black? There are a lot of options.


I wonder if English schools still go there for trips? I remember going there and buying fire crackers and other junk :kosc:


It’s not gonna work if they only let Britons do it. :gunnersaurus: