Olivier Giroud


not half as bad as people think, far from great though.


I wonder if some fans actually watch these games. I watched Alex cross a ball to giroud who was about 25 yards from goal. He toe poked it wide to Ozil down the right and then just stood with his chest out wstching. Then when cross was cleared he threw his arms wide moaning. Fook off giroud. Work you lazy C***.
I tire of the number of times I see him do this. He’s a striker he should be busting a gut to get in the box.
He’s just a prancing poser.


He’s shit.


When we get a corner, I’m glad he’s on the pitch.

For the other 88 minutes, I’m not glad he’s on the pitch.


He was adequate when we bought, him and he is still adequate, but no more.
He is more than useful as cover, but perhaps it’s in the next transfer window where Wenger might decide he has had enough, and he will get a proper striker.


Some of our fans just love our adequate status, happy for being adequate.


two games in a row he’s been pretty average.

Welbeck has to start IMO.

                                Alexis Ozil


we were such a different team when Danny came on



They can have him lol


but hes better than Ronaldo!


We need a new striker, Giroud will not accept to be a squad player or to be regulary on the bench like this year, but 20M aren’t enough, especially after the new contract signed.

25/30M and it’s ok.


Would only sell Giroud for big money, which Marseille have access to. Don’t think he would push for a move and he’s one of the best back up striking options out there in my view, so it’s a keep from me


He’s accepted it rather well actually unless you can point me in the direction of credible bitchy material. It’s non-existent tho so save yourself the bother.


You want to play every game, especially the next season, the season before the World Cup.


That’s weird because he seemed to accept it 3 months ago when he happily signed a new deal.


Marseille is a logical destination for Ronaldo.


I pack his bags and drive him myself if we can get £30mill for him


I’ll always be thankful for that amazing run of form that won Leicester the PL.


Sell him to Lyon and get Lacazette :wink:


Would rather he stayed tbh. Still got a big part to play here