Olivier Giroud


Who’s having a go at him.

I rate him as a very good striker, but not good enough for a top club in Europe.

He is more than adequate as back up to a world class striker, which was what he was originally bought for.

If he’s so great, why has Wenger been picking, Sanchez, Walcott and Welbeck in front of him?


People who entertain suggestion he should be sold this summer.

Well I disagree, Giroud is good enough and I’d like to see him work with another manager. He’s more than back up his stats this season shows he’s a more than excellent outlet who improves our offensive aerial potential. These are objective facts

I think anybody will have a tough time justifying some of Wenger’s tactical decisions but it clear Wenger wanted more pace and fluidity in the front line this season. Has our attacking football got any better with this style? Not really and Ozil had more traction with Giroud leading the line.

Welbz is hardly killing it at CF atm but I attribute that to lack of match sharpness. Alexis has been moved back to the wing and the issues with him at CF are well known. Theo hasn’t been played at CF this season so he isn’t ahead of Giroud really. In any case Theo is just fucking useless tbh


Stick him in a 4-4-2, a formation his laziness might succeed in, as a lone striker he is dog shit… Lee Chapmanesqe… Right im off to get some worms.


On the flip side it looks like we will score our most league goals since 2010.


You had a like up to this. He definitely isn’t useless. I’d be really interested to see what Theo could do under a new boss.


Theo is just too one dimensional to continuously justify his presence in the starting XI. There are better, younger and more multifaceted wingers out there who can offer what Theo brings and more.

He has some use of a bench player tbh


Fine. That doesn’t equate to useless though and it actually seems odd that you’d say that about him while defending another player who often gets the same levelled against him. Which like i indicated, i agree with you about.


Into my ideal team, Giroud is a squad player (like Welbeck). I don’t know if his ego should accept that, but if Arsenal want to build a team capable to win, we need to check every player and be more objective and less emotional.


Guess he is hoping Sanchez is leaving this summer so he can be our main striker next season :xhaka:


He signed an extension while on the bench for months. I think his ego accepts it. Unless he’s banking on Alexis being sold and Arsenal not replacing him :wink:




This man makes my skin crawl the way he puffs his chest out and whinges if he doesn’t get his own way is pathetic. Lazy c**t as well.


I think he did quite well yesterday. The Ox loved to cross to him.


What game were you watching? He did nothing.


Worked very well.

Football is changed mates, aren’t the 70s when a striker was judged only on goals scored. If you work hard, help the team to win, for me you have played a good game, and Giroud did this yesterday.


Giroud was missing the whole game and missed a sitter at the end lol.

Wasn’t one of his best games for us.


Football has changed though. So Giroud going missing and offering us nothing is acceptable because he worked hard in the process.


Agree he did fuck all. His heat map is probably the size of a small puddle.


Giroud kept his game simple last night tbh. It wasn’t a spectacular performance and it wasn’t bad either.

Made some decent runs, competed for aerial duels, occupied Boro’s CB’s well, simple lay offs to more capable players presented a good focal as well as chipping in defensively it was an OK performance.

Better showing than Welbeck recently


on recent showings i thought Ozil did his bit last night…Giroud was just Giroud prancing pony…