Olivier Giroud


It’s also very common to answer a question that is being asked. At least in the tweet there’s nothing that tells us what was asked.


Does he need a “better” club though? It’s not like we’re Real Madrid and he’s going to be a bit part player but still end up on the pitch caught up in the euphoria of celebrating a Champions League win and having a medal for his cabinet.

I’m not complaining that we’ve got a forward who can come off the bench and do something but if I was him I wouldn’t be clinging on to Arsenal who’ve had him in and out of the team for years.


he has a bless life at arsenal

he wont leave or want to leave

hes on 100k a week and plays for a champs league team - happy days

he is proably a mid table level player at best


Let’s put in this way: no player would never say he wants his manager sacked.




That’s how I feel when he starts.


Fake news. That’s the face he makes at the start of the international break. Everyone knows Oli G loves Arsenal more than he loves his daughter!


Hes just realised hes run out of shampoo and conditioner…


Honestly have no fucking clue what Wenger’s idea was with bringing him on in this game (at all, but especially as the first sub).

So fucking tired of this shitttt


I think if he would have taken Welbeck off it would have been the right sub tbh. We were clearly playing without a striker at all to that point, so it was worth trying.



If you vastly overrate his abilities, maybe. Either way it was pretty obvious he was going to be ineffectual in a game like that, so naturally I disagree it was worth trying something that to me seemed obvious was not going to work or be beneficial in the least.

Go on Marseille!!


The business end of what?


If Wenger stays he stays as well. We all know it.


he wil stay until he is physically kicked out the club

he has a great life great club great wage - if he was to leave he wouldn’t be at another top team

marselle is his standard


He only signed a new contract in January, and he did it with a big smile on his face! No chance of him going anywhere this summer.

I wouldn’t want him to leave either: the under-appreciated bearded beauty :heart_eyes:


I could see him going to West Ham.

Wenger has a history of selling strikers to West Ham.
Wright, Suker, Hartson even Ljundberg has played as a striker occasionally.
So Giroud would be guaranteed first team football at a club at his level, and we could actually go out and buy a world class striker.

Saying that, if Wenger stays so will Giroud, and he will be our starting striker next season after Sanchez is sold and Welbeck gets another long term injury.


You forgot about this sporting hero (albeit loaned not sold) :wink:


The great Aliadiere.
I think he scored one goal for us in about thirty games, although he didn’t start many of those.
Let’s hope West Ham have forgotten about him when we ask 30m for Giroud.


This thread has been quiet all season, everyones favorite scapegoat hasn’t only started 7 times. This fluid front 3 has had their fair share of limp and disjoined attacking performances. One league goal off Theo despite playing half off the time? People still have it out for this guy! it’s actually a joke now